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The right shoes for the right race: learn to choose yours

Year after year, the number of runners in Brazil grows, as well as the number of tests, launches and sales of new products in the race world.

The stores specialized in running usually have a sales team, often formed by runners who are always testing the new models, able to indicate the correct product to the profile of each customer. But not all shops have a personalized service and "runners-sellers". Follow, below, some tips that can help you in buying your first running shoes, ideal for your profile and goal:

1) Try your new sneakers at the end of the day or after some physical activity when your feet will be more swollen. Remember that prolonged exercise causes physical changes in your body: it is important that your shoes be comfortable and you prepared for these body variations.

2) Buy a number above what you wear in relation to your casual shoe. During the run, the feet swell and the slack of a finger is enough to avoid problems with, for example, loss of nails and some other discomfort.

3) Try the most different models and brands, according to your type of tread, body structure and purpose.

4) If you do not know your type of footfall and the store you are buying does not perform the test, do not despair: in doubt, choose a neutral sneaker.

5) Not always the most expensive is the best. By experimenting with different models and brands, it is possible to decide the ideal running shoes for you, which has provided more comfort when you wear it, even though it is a model that is cheaper than the ones with the highest value.

Good training!
Rodrigo Roehniss

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