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Treadmill or street: after all, where is it best to run?

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The choice of running on the treadmill or on the road is often linked to the comfort of that or that athlete or the type of training your coach indicates. Of course we can say that they are identical movements, because we will be running, but running in the street and on the treadmill bring such specific conditions that they even seem to be different sports. Some people who only run on treadmill, have a certain difficulty in developing the same pace on the street and vice versa.

We can hardly compare to those games of soccer club fans, we have those fanatical fans, who are always in the stadiums accompanying their team. And we also have other fans, no less fanatics, but who prefer to stay at home watching TV or listening to the radio, that famous "fan of radinho". Both know everything about football, but they are in different environments and sure enough if we change them of place, some difference they will feel. In the race is identical!

Let's talk about the treadmill.

She's a machine! That already changes the race a bit. There is that rubber where we run (running blanket) that goes at a constant speed (defined by you), running endlessly under your feet. The problem with the treadmill is that often the runner ends up running with a wrong posture, running up and not forward, and so he ends up only increasing the time between one step and another, and does not become faster.

But it is worth remembering that the treadmill is a great request to train, because as we say, to run in it, do not have bad weather! LOL! And it's an excellent call for anyone recovering from injury and needing a steady pace. Also be aware of the quality of the treadmills, as many may not provide adequate cushioning!

Speaking of the street ...

It is full of flooring options! In addition to these, we still have weather factors, and the combination of these factors (floors and climate) form a set that can interfere with runner performance.

The variation in the city's footwear demands attention: the asphalt generates greater impact on the joints, but brings a faster response in terms of speed. The Portuguese stones, common on the boardwalks of the Brazilian beaches, are a torment for feet and joints, due to the impact and also the irregularity that they present.

Running on dirt, sand or grass is indicated for those seeking more impact cushioning and because it is softer, it tends to generate fewer injuries in the runners. In addition, these lands work more on balance, motor coordination and proprioception (ability to recognize their bodily response to external stimuli).

Combine activities

An ideal workout should combine the two versions, working to the same extent all skills and ensuring the full evolution of the runner. But, rather than standing still, you have to try out the option that you like the most or it's easier for you. The treadmill is more practical for a lot of people. No problem with rain and the floor is flatter and safer. But note that if you intend to participate in competitions, outdoor training is a must in order to adapt and be sure of your level of performance.

Caloric expenditure

With regard to caloric expenditure, it all depends on the speed at which you run. To give you an idea, US researchers say that anyone who is at the ideal weight and runs 5 km to 9 km per hour outdoors, burns up to 5% more calories when compared to running on the treadmill. It is common to say that the treadmill runs a little for you and on the street you need to do more strength due to the winds and weather conditions.

The intensity and frequency of the workouts interfere much more in the calorie burning than the floor where you run. One tip to simulate some air resistance on the treadmill and balance the posture is to put a slight incline of 0.5% up to 1.5% in the workouts. Be careful with the increase in inclinations greater than this, which can force the joints too much and overload your spine.

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