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Wheelchairs and racers together in the run

Learn the prerequisites for wheelchair users to take part in Wings for Life World Run.


Running side by side, pushing some wheelchair or pushing. What's important is the union at Wings for Life World Run. On May 7, 2017, wheelers and runners will compete side by side in the world's longest running street race, the Wings For Life World Run.

The only detail is that wheelchair users need to participate with a conventional wheelchair, the same used daily. Just like Swedish Aron Anderson did in 2015, when he became national champion after 64.82 km of proof.

"Wings for Life World Run is an event for everyone, everyone who has a common wheelchair, the one used every day, can participate alongside the corridors. Of course we would also like to see wheelchairs made for competitions or Handbikes in races, but they are very fast equipment for this type of test format" (Anita Gerhardter, CEO of Wings For Life)

Everyone will leave at the same time, at 11 o'clock UTC (8 o'clock in the morning by Brasília time). Recalling that after 30 minutes of competition, competitors are being chased by Catcher Car, slowly but steadily. When the car passes you, your race ends, but the fun continues alongside all finalists on the way back to the starting area where everyone can celebrate in style.


So, did you dare to participate? You're gonna need:

- Be ready to enjoy an incredible event, laugh and make new friends;
- From a conventional wheelchair, for you to move yourself or be pushed by a friend;
- Have a wheelchair with two large wheels in the back (20 to 26 inches);
- Have a wheelchair with two small wheels on the front (3 to 7 inches);
- Have two thrust rings and brakes.


Organize your equipment, invite your friends and register here on the site for the most exciting race of all!

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