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Rio de Janeiro

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Keep running: Wings for Life World Run 2019 is coming!

Here comes the sixth edition of the biggest street race in the world

Information about kits 

Location and Course Description

Wings for Life World Run will return to Brazil for the sixth year and, for the second time, will take place at Rio de Janeiro! Course description will be updated soon. 


In our unique event concept, all wheelchair participants are part of the global Wings for Life World Run and can compete with the runners. We will try to accommodate all participants in wheelchair but due to the global character of the race special rules will need to be enforced to obtain a valid result (see Rulebook)

How it works

Entry Fee and Timelines

The initial value is R$ 130, for limited time. 100% of all money raised goes to spinal cord research.

Medical Information

In consultation with the local authorities, we offer sufficient medical service onsite and along the course. 

If you are allergic to something or have other important information for the medical team in case of emergency, please make sure to note this on the provided form on the reverse side of your race number.

Shuttle Service

When the Catcher Car passes you, your race is over. For those who finish nearby the start line, we suggest you take a short walk back to the arena, so we can save the shuttles for those in better physical need and those who finish far away from it. More info on the system is coming in the months before the event.




Wheelchair Detailed Info

Be prepared

22°C Average temp
73% Humidity
30% Chance of rain

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