International Runner: Doroteia Peixoto

Expected to be among the top female runners heading to Niagara Falls, Doroteia won the women’s division in Portugal last year with a distance of nearly 42km. However, the runner hardly displayed her full potential as she accomplished the winning distance against gale-force headwinds reaching up to 55km/hr. On top of that, Doroteia decided to register just 24 hours before the run, after completing a 10km competition the prior day. No doubt it will be interesting to see what she is capable of under more favourable conditions. 


Tell us a little about yourself – how did you get into running, and what inspired you to participate in your first Wings for Life World Run?  

I got into running when I was ten years old. My cousin used to run and she supported me during my first steps in this world, then I started to enjoy it and I never stopped. My inspiration to run the Wings for Life race was the solidary component of the race, to be able to run for the ones who can’t and most of all be able to help the research foundation to find the cure for the spinal cord injury.


How many times have you competed in Wings for Life World Run, and what was your best distance? 

This year is only my second time running the Wings for life World Run, my first time was last year in Porto where I won the race – I managed to run 41.69 km.


You have competed in a lot of running events – what makes Wings for Life World Run different than other conventional running races and what are the challenges you face? 

The Wings for Life race is not like the other running events that I’m used to participating in, as I said before, this race was a solidary component which makes the running atmosphere way different. It’s not about who runs faster and wins the race, is about who runs more for the cause and in the end nobody loses because all of us did our best and our best will help other people to recover from their disease.


What were your Top 3 choices for Wings for Life World Run destinations this year? 

 My top 3 choices for this year Wings for life Race was Niagara Falls in Canada, Melbourne in Australia, and Takashima in Japan.


What inspired you to ultimately choose Niagara Falls?  Have you ever visited Canada or Niagara Falls before?

 I’ve never been to Niagara Falls, or even Canada, and I guess that was one of the reasons why I chose to run there this year. I heard that Niagara Falls has a breathtaking view and I’m looking forward to seeing it.



How do you think the conditions (climate, track etc.) will compare in Niagara Falls versus your run last year?  Is there anything different that you will need to prepare for? 

When I chose Niagara Falls as my Wings for Life race destination I knew that the running conditions would be different than my last race here in Portugal, especially the climate and the track, but I don’t see it as a negative part of my choice. I didn’t start my physical preparation for the race yet, so I still don’t know what I will have to change in my training routine for this particular race.


What are your overall goals for the run?  Do you have a distance in mind, and how will you be training for that? 

 This is year I mainly want to enjoy the race.



What inspires/motivates you to keep running that extra mile?  Do you have a personal connection to spinal cord injury?

 I’m really thankful that I do not have a personal connection to spinal cord injury , but that doesn’t make me indifferent to the cause but what really inspires me to run “ the extra mile” is that doing my job I can help directly sick people in their treatment and possible help to save a life.

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