One platform, all the action! Experience 6 May LIVE on the Web & ServusTV

Live & direct: The world united in one run. © Joerg Mitter for Wings for Life World Run

Follow the Wings for Life World Run Action live & interactive via Live Experience, Livestream and Facebook live.

By Henner Thies

On May 6, 2018, the world will run together for the fifth time for those who can’t. From Vienna to Melbourne, thousands of runners and wheelchair participants are taking part in Wings for Life World Run Events and App Runs. Servus TV and the interactive Wings for Life World Run Live Experience site bring you this worldwide running spectacle directly to your living room – including real-time tracking of your friends and Catcher Cars as well as lots of interesting statistics about the global run.

Global Live Experience: One platform, all the info.

The whole world on your screen

In addition to the Livestream on ServusTV, the Facebook Live Show and the Wings for Life World Run Live Experience site will also be available. Not only will you be able to enjoy the Livestreams of the race in Vienna and races throughout the world, you'll also have plenty of interactive features: Check who's in the lead, find out if your friends are still in the race or follow them live, how the App runners are doing and where the Catcher Car is currently located – all in one place.

The most important features of the Live Experience page at a glance:

·      Livestream: With the integrated Red Bull TV Livestream, located in the lower right corner of the Live Experience website, you'll be up close and personal with the racing action - from Australia to Norway, from Japan to Vienna.

·      Pinboard: With the pinboard you can pin your friends, celebrities and favourites to see at a glance how far they are, who is still in the race and who has already finished the race.

·      Live Results: Follow live, where the Catcher Car is currently located, who’s in the lead, whether your friends are still in the race and which country is leading in the global ranking? The map is easy to read and the graphics are visually supporting the results.

·      Race Statistics: Find out about the global weather forecast. Who is running at night and how many miles is the whole world running altogether? In addition, you can always follow live, how many runners are still in front of the Catcher Car and how many have already been overtaken. 

·      Donation Button: You can make an additional contribution via the donation button. Each donation helps to heal spinal cord injury. 100% of all donations and entrance fees go directly to spinal cord research efforts.


Working together for one goal: curing spinal cord injuries.

Keep up to date through our Facebook page, or invite friends to follow the event live – enjoy and have fun!

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