The Wings for Life World Run in 49 seconds

What is it?
The Wings for Life World Run is a global running and wheelchair event which starts at 11 am UTC on May 8, 2016 and finishes when the last person is caught by the Catcher Car.

Who can take part?
Everyone, really. The Wings for Life World Run is for athletes of all abilities, from beginners to the running elite and wheelchair users in a regular wheelchair.

Can I run with my friends?
Absolutely! You can run as an individual or as part of up to three teams, which is much more fun, right? 

Where can I run?
At any of the 35 locations worldwide. Check them out on our location page here.

So people all over the world will start at the same time?
Correct, let’s get the whole world running at once! You could run at dawn, day, evening or night – when do you like to run?

How far do I need to run?
It depends on you -- there is no finish line! A Catcher Car will start the chase 30 minutes after the race starts and speed up slowly until everyone is caught.

How does the Catcher Car work?
The Catcher Car has some clever tech that activates when you run past at the start of the race and logs your distance when the Catcher Car passes you and your race is over.

When does the Catcher Car increase its speed and how fast does it go?
It starts 30 minutes after the race starts, then gets faster:

  • 11.30am UTC – Catcher Car starts – pace: 15km/hr (9.32mph)
  • 12.30am UTC – pace increases to 16km/hr (9.94 mph)
  • 13.30am UTC – pace increases to 17km/hr (10.56 mph)
  • 14.30am UTC – pace increases to 20 km/hr (12.43 mph)
  • 16.30am UTC – pace increases to 35km/hr (21.75 mph)


How do I get back to the start area?
Each location is different, but they will all get you back to the start line. No hitch-hiking required!

Who wins?
The Global Champions are the last man and woman worldwide to be passed by the Catcher Car. Each country will have a national champion and everyone who takes part is a winner.

What is Wings for Life?
A non-profit that funds research into finding a cure for spinal cord injury. 100% of the Wings for Life World Run proceeds goes to the foundation.