Will Gadd's Winter Running Tips

Legendary ice climber/adventurer Will Gadd, the man who climbed a frozen Niagara Falls in 2015, knows a thing or two about staying warm during the winter. While many his adventures usually follow a vertical path, he also spends a lot of time moving horizontally as running plays a key role in his training regime. To help get you through these coldest days of the year in preparation for the Wings for Life World Run, Will Gadd shares a few of his secrets. His number one tip? Less is more...


Here are a few things that Will always wears running when it’s below zero:

1. Light hat

Keeps the wind off your ears, and head warm.

2. “Buff” style neck gaiter

These are great, they keep cold air from going down your neck, and you can pull the light material up over your face if running into the wind or if the cold air is bugging your lungs.

3. Light gloves

Basic Polartec or other fleece gloves keep your hands warm when you start. Surprisingly, most cold-weather runners end up taking these off and stuffing them into a pocket even when it’s well below zero—once you get warm.

4. A wind brief

This is more for men but nothing, and I mean nothing, is less fun than freezing things that shouldn’t be frozen. Don’t ask me how I know this.

6. A light windshell

With one thin synthetic base layer and one light fleece layer under it. Down to about -20 that’s all most people I run with need to stay warm. Unzip the shell as you warm up. I like the Arc’teryx light shells, great fit and finish.

7. Light wind pants

Arc’teryx again. Legs stay warmer usually, until about -20 I don’t need to wear long johns under them, too much sweating. If you sweat too much it’s really cold when you stop.

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