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Tips for a Perfect Selfie Run

How to Have A Great Selfie Run

Confirm you’re a Selfie Runner by 9am UTC on May 8, 2016, and you can run with thousands of people and run completely alone all at the same time. Here are some tips for the perfect Selfie Run from those in the know ...


Daniel Ricciardo -- get your info right!

So when I went through the Selfie Run confirmation the first time, I entered my birthday wrong -- you know how the month-and-day order is different all over the place? -- and ended up appearing way older than I am. A friend of mine even managed to say he was a woman. Oops!


Anyway just a heads up: make sure you get your birthdate and gender right or your results will be in the wrong place. If you do make a mistake, just get in touch with the app support guys before the race and they’ll sort you out.  


Mark Webber -- keep the app open

I ran in Silverstone the last two years, but I’m doing a Selfie Run this year, so I asked my mate Daniel Ricciardo for some tips. He told me not to close the app during the Selfie Run.


Apparently if you close the app and open it again, or switch between apps, your Selfie Run starts at zero again, and any running you’ve done disappears. So I’m definitely not going close the app. I’ll get my music set up before I start the race -- or I’ll listen to the in-built radio to hear how other Selfie Runners are doing -- and let the app run until the virtual Catcher Car ends my run. Let's do this!


You can trust the GPS

Two guys ran in USA last year and finished within centimetres of each other at 17.09km and 17.02km.

“I have a VivoFit and I turned on another training app on my phone, too, when I started running (like I always do), and when we compared our GPS results with our Selfie Run results, they were quite different, but our final results show we were about 20 metres apart, which is totally right!”


I found out that if you wear your VivoFit on your wrist, it thinks you’ve gone further, or if you carry your phone in your pocket, it’ll affect the distance. Who knew?! So just know it’s not really worth comparing devices -- just go with the Selfie Run result … it’s really very accurate.


Anonymous non-runner -- Crashed app

One Selfie Runner tried to take part near her home, but completely forgot to download the updated version of the app before she started running.


“I was gutted – the app crashed after 45 minutes, so I was out of the race. I didn’t get caught by the virtual Catcher Car -- I was really upset. This year I’ll run along my favourite track in Vietnam and will make sure I charge my phone and download the updates before I start running. I will be caught by the virtual Catcher Car this year, for sure. And I can’t wait!”


A message to the GPS dodgers from the tech guys

Last year, a few people ran 0.00km. How did that happen? Well, maybe they didn’t run. Sure. But maybe they ran on a treadmill or through a tunnel, or in the woods, somewhere the GPS signal wasn’t particularly great. If you want your Selfie Run to count, make sure you can see the sky and have a good GPS signal the whole time. GPS can’t follow you if you’re going to hide. This is a game of chase, not a game of hide and go seek!


Summary from the tech guy: No cheating – no bikes, no skateboards, no skis, no F1 cars ….



100% of all entry fees and donations go directly to spinal cord research projects. .

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