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Join the global movement! The time has come to sign up for the 2019 Wings for Life World Run

Registration opens on Wednesday October 3 to take part with hundreds of thousands around the globe in the annual event as the world comes together to run for those who can’t.

And the good bit is it’s open to all abilities, whether you’re an Olympic hopeful or you simply fancy seeing how you fare for a good cause.

Every single cent you raise, including your entire sign-up fee for this charity run, goes towards finding a cure for spinal cord injury through the Wings for Life foundation. Already the foundation has funded 191 projects globally with that one goal in mind…a cure.

Edition six of the event, as always, starts at 11am UTC on the first Sunday of May 2019, runners and wheelchair entrants all over the world starting at exactly the same time ahead of the event’s moving finishing line.

Everyone has their own goals but, effectively, your objective is to stay ahead of the Catcher Car – virtual or real - for as long as you can while helping a good cause in the process.

The Wings for Life World Run is both inspirational and inclusive. Colin Jackson, a two-time athletics world champion and the event sports director, said: “The Wings for Life World Run is a truly global event open to all ability of runners and wheelchair competitors all in the name of making a truly ground-breaking difference in spinal cord research.”

And if you’re lucky, you might find yourself rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s biggest sporting names, Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen and skiing superstar Marcel Hirscher among those to have lined up for previous editions.

So, sign up with three unique but simple ways. Take part at one of the events being held worldwide, join an Organized App Run or set up your own, or else participate individually with the Wings for Life World Run App wherever you are in the world. In short, you decide.

But the two key dates to remember are Wednesday October 3, the start of registration at and Sunday May 5, race day itself.

Together with you, we can make a difference. So, sign up now or else donate and support the Wings for Life Foundation on its mission to find a cure.

Fundraising Kit
Fundraising Kit
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Wo ist „Meine Ziellinie“?
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