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Do you know your goal when it comes to the Wings for Life World Run?

Like you and hundreds of thousands around the world, Wings for Life World Run presenter Layla Anna-Lee will be on the start line come 11am UTC on Sunday May 5.

In training, she has been using the online goal calculator a unique tool to estimate how fast and how far she will travel before being caught by the Catcher Car, a mathematic innovation she sees as “a game changer”.

“You can put in the distance you’d like to run, the average speed you run at and it will tell you how long until the Catcher Car catches you,” she said.

For the Anglo-Brazilian presenter it now means “no excuses” when it comes to training and, to meet her work commitments, that has entailed recently getting up at 5am each morning to cram in her pre-race training programme.

“We are all human and we all make excuses,” she said. “We’ve got to find a way to avoid putting up those barriers in front of us. It’s about priorities isn’t it? Prioritise your day firmly. Getting up early I found I make more decisions in my own life. Starting your day on your rules… that’s helped me a lot.”

It’s still not too late to sign up for the Wings for Life World Run and begin your training regime, and remember that all of your entry fee and donation goes towards groundbreaking research supported by the Wings for Life Foundation, searching for a cure for spinal cord injury.

And to get the best out of your fundraising efforts on the day, Layla advised: “This goal calculator is a massive help. It’s a super unique tool as it’s a unique run.”

“Usually you train for a distance or speed, people even train to maintain a heartbeat. But never ever have I heard of people training to avoid being caught. It’s like a super cool version of PacMan with the Catcher Car like one of those digital monsters.”

Sign up for the Wings for Life World Run 2019 and use the goal calculator to estimate your speed and distance in training and on race day itself.

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