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Your friends say they’ve got your back, right? Now they can prove it, thanks to a new Wings for Life World Run program called Every Kilometer Counts.

With Every Kilometer Counts, your friends, family and colleagues can pledge to pay an amount of their choosing for each kilometer you stay ahead of the Catcher Car. Think how motivated you’ll be: the farther you run, the bigger the impact of your fundraising! (And even if your race day superpowers go into overdrive, there are no worries for your supporters, because they can also set a maximum donation.)

Of course, motivation is a two-way street, so if you know a fellow Wings for Life World Runner who could use some extra encouragement, why not make an Every Kilometer Counts pledge for his or her Wings for Life World Run campaign?

Find out more in the Every Kilometer Counts video above. Signing up is easy when you send your profile to your potential donors, and as always, 100% of donations goes straight to the cutting-edge spinal cord research projects supported by the not-for-profit foundation Wings for Life. So go ahead: Dare your buddies to back you. Persuade your family to push you. By participating on May 5 at one of the event locations or using the Wings for Life World Run App, you give hope to millions, and every kilometer really does count!

100% der Startgelder fließen in die Rückenmarksforschung
Fundraising Kit
Fundraising Kit
Wo ist „Meine Ziellinie“?
Wo ist „Meine Ziellinie“?
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