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Manuela Schär
Manuela Schär

Manuela Schär

Full throttle! That’s Manuela Schär’s motto. The 33-year-old wheelchair athlete from Lucerne has been a paraplegic since she was eight years old, when she had an accident on the playground.

In November 2017, she won the New York City Marathon with Marcel Hug in the men’s category. “Winning the NYC Marathon was a huge dream of mine,” says Manuela Schär. “And to top it all, it was a Swiss double win – that was a big deal for me. I was overwhelmed.”

In the world of sports, Manuela Schär is known for her professionalism and commitment. The commercial clerk sees her life in a wheelchair in a very differentiated way: “I have to plan ahead when I’m on the road. I have to be very mindful of my body. Sure, there are many things I would love to do, but I can’t. However, thanks to my sports career, I was able to experience extraordinary things that I enjoy in a much more conscious way.”

“As an ambassador for the Wings for Life World RunI hope to motivate as many people as possible to participate in the run. Of course, it’s also important to me that people talk about the subject paraplegia, that it will open new doors and promote research. I’m sure that, one day, there will be a cure for paraplegia. Maybe, I won’t benefit from it anymore – but many other people will.”


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