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300 volunteers for 10.000 legs

Not only the runners and wheelchair participants contribute to the success of the Wings for Life World Run – the many helpful volunteers play an important role as well. Without them an event as big as the worldwide charity run would be impossible.

By Eva Eder 

Annette Fehlmann and her two daughters already know the job as a volunteer at the Wings For Life World Run – they helped since 2015. Annette Fehlmann and a couple of her colleagues from Riniker Sportverein Crazy5 worked as volunteers for the Swiss leg of the Wings for Life World Run. The motto at Crazy5: born to move. “I think it’s great to help realize a charity event as big as the Wings for Life World Run. Apart from the good cause I find it important to let my kids know that health cannot be taken for granted.”

From 6 May to 8 May 2017 around 300 volunteers are needed: Prior to the event starting bags have to be put together, barriers, benches, tables and tents have to be installed and put up. During the race volunteers will have to hand out the starting numbers, regulate the traffic and make sure that the runners get to eat and drink at the various supply stations along the track. “We will have oranges, bananas, sliced sports bars and mixed drinks ready for the participants,” says Annette Fehlmann.


The helping hands of the Judo & Ju-Jitsu club Olten and the sports club Crazy5 

The Judo & Ju-Jitsu club in Olten also was present with 13 volunteers. “We took care of road safety, but also helped establish road signs and hand out refreshments at the supply stations,” says the club’s president Sandra Kyburz. „Some of us have friends who sit in wheelchairs, others participated themselves to play their part.“ To Kyburz the excitement felt by participants and volunteers alike was the most memorable part of the run: “To see that many runners take part in a race for the good cause was quite impressive,” she says.

Both individuals and groups as well as clubs can register as volunteers. For their commitment volunteers get 50 francs per day, a volunteer shirt and of course catering. Runners participating in Sunday’s event can also help prior to the run on Friday and Saturday.

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