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„I am hoping with all my heart that there will be a cure for spinal chord injury one day“

By Eva Eder 

Powerhouse Swiss triathlete Daniela Ryf is the new ambassador for the Wings for Life World Run in Switzerland. Back in 2014, she won the first edition of the Swiss race. 

In 2015, you achieved everything a long distance triathlete could possibly achieve.
I do know that actually, it can't get any better. Yet I know: I can still get better. My motivation is to find out how fast I can be. I think it’s interesting to see how the body changes when I train. The day I don’t believe that I can get any better anymore, I’ll quit. 

What was the most beautiful moment during this more than incredible year?
I really loved the atmosphere in Kona after finishing the Hawaii Ironman. My mom was there, some girl friends of mine, it all felt very relaxed. But here were many precious moments in this past year. Of course it wasn’t always just easy. I put a whole lot into it. I love that fact that I got even more out of it in return. 

What are your goals now, after reaching all of your goals?
Generally speaking it isn’t my aim to win as many titles as possible, but to enjoy the sport and the competition. I am positive that I still have quite a few good years ahead of me so I don’t want to force anything. For that reason, I have decided to take it easy during the first months of 2016. I went skiing with some girlfriends of mine and I have more time for my university studies. My coach has told me not to train more than half an hour per day - but I still need to work out in some way, if I don’t do anything, I miss it too badly. Doing nothing is some kind of a shock for me. But still, it’s cool to have some time to put into cool projects such as the Wings for Life World Run. 


Daniela Ryf: "If researchers work with all their power, it just has to be possible one of these days."


You won the first Swiss edition of the Wings for Life World Run in 2014.
That was fun; it was some sort of an experiment form e. My coach had told me to „just run“. In the morning before the run, I had gone jogging and I thought I’d run a marathon, max. Then I started running, and all of a sudden I had put 45 km behind me. So I decided to stop at the next food station and wait for the catcher car. 

Do you personally believe that there will be a cure for spinal chord injury one day?
Of course I can't tell from a medical point of view, but I do hope so with all my heart. I can't even imagine what it would be like - not being able to walk anymore. If researchers work with all their power, it just has to be possible one of these days. 

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