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"If you're afraid, you already lost, before you even started."

His turf is Mount Titlis, his goal is the top of the world. 21-year-old Marco Odermatt from Central Switzerland doesn’t like to think about big risks. He nevertheless wants to support research programs.


Marco, when did you first hear about the Wings for Life World Run, and what did you think about it?

Actually, it wasn’t that long ago. The first time, I really heard about this event, was when friends from school participated.

So, you never participated before?

No, this will be my first time.

And now you’re even an ambassador for the Wings for Life World Run.

The Wings for Life World Run is an extremely cool event where you can participate for a good cause. You have a great day, do good at the same time and contribute a little bit to research and development programs, which may end in extremely valuable results. It’s a great combination.



Do you have any personal connection to the topic of paraplegia?

Fortunately, not really. I know very few people who suffered this fate, and none of them are in my closer environment.

You were four when Silvano Beltrametti had his awful accident in Val d’Isère. Did you realise what happened back then?

I only remember that I was at home watching the race on TV with my parents. Probably, at four, I was too small to really realise what had happened. But in retrospect, I’m very aware of the gravity. In the meantime, I also had the privilege to meet Silvano Beltrametti. I’m very impressed by the way he is dealing with his fate. How cool he is. I really admire that.

How is it for you? Are you scared you might have such an accident?

No, in private life, you don’t really think about these things. More likely in sports – you know what you are getting into and that there is always a risk involved. But, you shouldn’t think too much about accidents like these.

Is paraplegia an issue among top athletes?

Like I said, there is always a risk. You need to be aware of what you are doing. But you shouldn’t be scared to injure yourself, otherwise you’re not able to compete, or you have already lost, before the race even started. Fortunately, today, there are many safety precautions in place, which ensure that the risks are as low as possible. However, there will always be a certain remaining risk. That’s why I find events such as the Wings for Life World Run so important.


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