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It’s easy to bring the magic of the Wings for Life World Run to your hometown – become an App Run organizer now!

“Run for those who can’t!” Since 2014, more than 435,000 participants in the annual Wings for Life World Run have done just that, with 100% of entry fees and donations going to cutting-edge spinal cord injury research. The goal of the Wings for Life Foundation is to find a cure, and you can boost that effort – and have an inspiring experience – by organizing an App Run at your favorite location!

On May 6, the Wings for Life World Run will again take off in hubs worldwide, while our unique custom App will allow participants to race on their own or to create amazing community events at countless more destinations. The App enables everyone, everywhere to be part of the global movement, and anyone can be an organizer of an App Run community event: from individuals to fitness studios and from sports clubs to city councils and private businesses.

Would you like to make a difference for those with spinal cord injury by bringing the Wings for Life World Run to your hometown? Then we have good news: we have created an easy, straightforward system to help you organize your unique App Run. Just select your preferred spot, gather your friends, family, colleagues and/or community… and join the world for an incredible day of running for those who can’t on May 6!

How can I become an organizer?

Easy! First, decide on your location. Find a starting point where your runners can meet up, with a 4- to 6-kilometer-long circuit in a safe area free from hazards like traffic or obstacles: examples might be a park, a pedestrian street or a nice flat path in the country. As soon as everything is set, visit and discover our Organized App Run Manager – the perfect tool, created just for you!

The Organized App Run Manager provides all the ingredients to create your unique and successful run, step by step. To start using it, sign in and fill out the required data in the website: you will be guided through the whole process by our wizard. The Manager includes a complete activation toolbox with posters, flyers, pictures, press release templates… and much more!

As soon as you’ve signed our agreement and everything has passed the approval process, your Organized App Run will be featured on the Wings for Life World Run App and website! We suggest finishing the process as soon as you can in order to allow plenty of time for all your new fans to join. Bring your community on board and we’ll make sure you have the tools to turn your run into a huge success.

How can I make my run special?

It’s all about creating an atmosphere that’s fun and inspiring, so use your imagination! Feel free to bring in local partners, add a DJ or live music, encourage funny costumes, set challenges for your runners… Everything is possible, and you can use our tools to spread the word about the great day you’ve planned.

No matter what kind of App Run you decide to create, the important thing is that by engaging more people to participate, you’re helping to build the global movement and raising more money to help find a cure for spinal cord injury. That in itself makes your App Run very special indeed.

So visit our website at for more information. Then join the global movement today: create your own customized App Run, activate your community and start running for those who can’t!

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