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“My dog Theo is also my trainer.”

von Karin Erismann

The singer Francine Jordi prefers the outdoors to the gym. At the Wings for Life World Run, she will take it easy and enjoy being with her fans. She supports The Wings for Life World Run for the fact that you’re not only doing something good for yourself, but that you are able to give hope.

“My dog Theo is also my trainer.”

Francine, what does physical fitness mean to you?

I’m not super sporty. However, being active in the nature on a daily basis, is important to me, on a physical and mental level.

What are you doing when you’re outdoors?

My dog Theo is my personal trainer. Every day, I spend at least one and a half hours with him outside.

What don’t you like doing at all?

I’m not the gym type…

Which is your most important sports equipment?

My walking sticks and shoes.

Can you imagine what it might feel like not to be able to walk anymore?

I don’t think that a person who hasn’t gone through something like that can even fathom what this means.

What, in your opinion, is unique about the Wings for Life World Run?

The fact that you’re not only doing something good for yourself, but that you are able to give hope. Another exceptional thing is that everybody can participate. Young and old, the total pro or couch potato – everybody is welcome.

You are a serial participant. How many times will it be in 2018?

2018 marks my fourth participation. I always set up a Francine Jordi Team and I’m always looking forward to spending the day with my team!

How many people do you hope having in your team this year?

Last year, we were almost 30 runners. It would be amazing to top that! My mother participated, too – she’s 72. There are no excuses!

What made you decide to participate again? I’m sure you have more than enough to do already.

As I said before, giving hope and doing good.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I’m really looking forward to having drinks and a bite with all my team mates after the run J

Do you remember how far you ran last year, before the Catcher Car caught you? Will you get further or less far this year?

Since I don’t jog, but walk while having a chat with people and taking pictures, I will probably take the first bus.

Want to run as a member of Francine Jordi’s team? Sign up right here.

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