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„Our Goal: 5000 Participants“

Corsin Caluori is race organizer of the Swiss edition of Wings for Life World Run as well as manager of A former orienteer himself, he knows what it takes for the ultimate runners’ event.


Corsin Caluori, can you remember what you imagined the Wings for Life World Run to be like before ever having experienced one?
More than anything else, I was wondering: Does this work at all? What is it like to participate in this run? Who’s it targeting at? Runners? Non-runner? Party people? 

And what did it turn out to be like?
Amazing! I love the atmosphere at the start and en route – it’s always relaxed and easy-going. Plus, I love the mix of people at the event. 

What was the weather like in 2015?
It had been raining massively during the days leading up to the event. On Saturday, we had flooding on the track and had to pump the water out. At one spot, we had to pour a truckload of gravel on so that the catcher car would be able to get through. 

What was your personal highlight of last year’s event?
That we got the track ready on time! And then accompanying the leading runners on my bike; it was incredible how those guys were still chatting away at the pace they were keeping! 


Race Director Corsin Caluori     © Romina Amato for Wings for Life World Run


What is it that makes a perfect race?
The most important thing is that’s it’s fair and that the conditions are the same for everyone. Then, everybody has to have fun performing. And last but not least the weather needs to be favorable. It would be great if it weren’t too chilly so that the runners don’t get cold when they’re done running. 

What is the thing you fear most when you’re preparing an event of that dimension?  
What I fear most are medical emergencies – a hear attack for instance. Unfortunately, this can happen anyplace, anytime. As a promoter, there is nothing you can do to prevent it, but when it happens, it casts a dark shadow on the whole event. 

How many runners do you think will be in Olten on May 8th, 2016?
It is our goal to have 5000 participants at the start line.

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