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This experience of indescribable feeling of solidarity

Since 2015 Team Liechtenstein participates in Switzerland. The team is organized by two wheelchair participants Sarah Hundert & Roland Gassner.

It was during his stay at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil, that Roland Gassner from Liechtenstein heard about the Wings for Life World Run for the first time. He instantly fell in love with the idea behind the run. Three years ago, his colleague and wheelchair athlete, Sarah Hundert, put together a team to attend the run. The goal: participating together for the good cause – finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.

In the interview, Sarah tells us, that the Team Liechtenstein will participate for the third time in succession.

Sarah, how many members does the Team Liechtenstein have today?

We have 169 members. We organise shuttle buses and travel to Zug together.

Does the time have athletic goals?

Yes and no. Most of us participate for the good cause. We don’t have a certain distance we want to achieve. Our motto is: “We come as far as we come!”

Me granny participates as well – she’s is happy when she runs 2.5 km. There are a few of us who want to run the marathon distance.

What is the great thing about the #WorldRun?

This indescribable feeling of solidarity. You can literally feel the togetherness: We participate for each other, we cheer for one another, and run with total strangers – without reservation.

How do you convince people to participate?

I say two things: I explain that your level of fitness doesn’t matter. That it’s all about the good cause, the entry fee, about crossing the start line – it doesn’t matter how far you get. The other good argument is the free journey: We organise shuttle buses so that every member of Team Liechtenstein arrives in Zug without struggle.

Do you believe that, one day, there will be a cure for spinal cord injuries?

I see opportunities, absolutely yes. However, I couldn’t say when the time will come. But I think not in my lifetime. However, for the next generation, of that I’m sure.

Do you want to join Sarah and Rolands Team Liechtenstein?

You can join the team here:

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