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This is how you win a private training session with the ‚Fittest of Switzerland’

Fitness is Jonas Müllers mojo: he’s been doing sports on a daily basis since childhood. He grew up with football, and later he discovered CrossFit. Today, the 26-year-old sports and economics student is working as a personal trainer and professional CrossFit athlete. He qualified several times for the Meridian Regional (the last qualifying round before the “final” CrossFitGames) and in 2015 and 2016, he won the title “Fittest of Switzerland”. As a trainer, he refers to fundamental findings in sports science und draws upon his extensive knowledge in endurance sports, weightlifting and fitness in general. When composing a training program, he is extremely target-oriented and considers all the latest findings in the field.


Photos: courtesy of aeddict-Sports Equipment.


Who wants to win an outdoor training with Jonas?


On Sunday May 6, the fifth global charity run, Wings for Life World Run, will take place. 100% of the entry fee goes to research projects aimed at finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. In other words: With your participation, you support the scientists who are working on finding a cure for paraplegia.


The great thing about the World Run: It’s a run for absolutely everybody. You decide for how long and how many kilometres you want to run. There is no predetermined distance as with marathons. Instead, the so-called Catcher Car – a moving finish line – is “chasing” the participants. It starts 30 minutes after the runners and gradually increases speed throughout the race. Some are caught after a few kilometres – others much later. As part of the charity run, Jonas will give an exclusive outdoor training to the company, based in Switzerland, that manages to build the biggest company team for the Wings for Life World Run in Zug!


Is your team the biggest at the World Run in Zug?


As everybody, from runner to walker of all levels are invited to participate, it’s the ideal occasion for team building. Maybe you’ll even have in-house challenges where co-workers can motivate each other – all this, for the good cause of running for those who can’t.

Register your team here (the name of the team must contain the name of the company) and write an email to with the link to your company team. The team with the most people attending the run Sunday May 6, will win an exclusive outdoor training in the close proximity of the company.

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