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Running in the heart of Switzerland

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Finisher photo

Alphafoto will take a finisher photo of every runner. The week after the race you will receive an email with a link where you can download your personal finisher photo for free. Additional photos can be ordered for a fee.

What is the Wings for Life World Run?

2019 will see the sixth edition of the Wings for Life World Run. The motto is the same as before: we run for those who can’t. It’s not a matter of fitness at all. From absolute beginner to competitive runner, from wheelchair athlete to power walker: anyone is invited to be part of the run.

The goal of the event is to raise money for the Wings for Life foundation who expedites spinal cord research. One hundred percent of all entry fees go towards projects that all have one common aim: one day, there has to be a cure for spinal paralysis.


To register for the run, click on the red button on this page (upper right). Once you are logged in, you will receive a confirmation email and your name will appear on our startlist. You will receive a newsletter and important information about the event via the Wings for Life Community.

Registering as a company

If you want to participate in the Wings for Life World Run with your co-workers, you can register directly at the info address and indicate the number of participants. The Wings for Life World Run Team will send you the corresponding invoice with a voucher code. Employees can then enter the code when registering.

Conditions of participation for runners

All participants have to be at least 16 years of age. Wheelchair athletes and runners start side by side in the same race. Sole provision: wheelchair athletes have to use their everyday wheelchairs for the race.

Important note to everybody: it is not allowed to wear earphones during the run because runners thus risk not hearing the catcher car approach.

Wheelchair athletes

Wheelchair athletes and runners start side by side in the same race. The sole provision is that wheelchair athletes have to use their everyday wheelchairs for the race. The wheelchair athletes will receive flags for identifying their wheelchairs at check-in.

Late registration

Late registrations are possible and welcome. Simply stop by the check-in area at the venue (see map). Late registration is possible on Saturday, 4 May 2019 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and on Sunday, 5 May 2019 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Those who register on Saturday evening will receive a coupon for a free portion of pasta on Saturday evening. Payment can be remitted either in cash or by EC card or credit card.

Entry fee

One hundred percent of all entry fees go towards projects that all have one common aim: one day, there has to be a cure for spinal paralysis.


CHF 45.- (until December 31, 2018)

CHF 55.- (January 1 until March 31, 2019)

CHF 65.- (April 1 until May 5, 2019)


You can find the startlist for the Wings for Life World Run 2019 here.


Saturday, 4 May 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm        Check-in on the eve of the event

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm        Pasta Party on the Arenaplatz

Sunday, 5 May 2019
8:00 am - 11:00 am      Check-in

up to 12:30 pm             Arrival at the starting area

1:00 pm                       Start of the Wings For Life World Run

1:30 pm                       Departure of the Catcher Car


Because parking is limited in the city of Zug and other events will be taking place in Zug on the same day, arriving by public transportation is highly recommended.

Arrival by public transportation

Zug can be easily reached with public transportation from throughout Switzerland. Click here for the current timetable.

The venue of the Wings for Life World Run Switzerland is Zug’s Bossard Arena, only 600 metres and an 8-minute walk from the Zug train station.

From the Zug train station, head west (on the side of platform 7) and follow the white “Wings for Life World Run” signs as well as the barrier tape. 

Arrival by car

If arriving by car you can park in the Parkhaus Siemens parking garage at Dammstrasse 20, 6300 Zug.

From all directions on freeway A4a, take exit no. 3 to “Baar” and then head towards “Zug-Zentrum/Herti” on the Nordstrasse. After about 500 metres, take a left onto Theilerstrasse.

The approach to the Parkhaus Siemens parking garage is marked from the “Baar” freeway exit with “Wings for Life World Run” signs.

The walkway from the parking garage to the venue is marked with “Wings for Life World Run” signs; it’s about a 6-minute walk.



You can find the rules for the Wings for Life World Run 2019 here. Please read them carefully prior to the run.


You must complete and sign the disclaimer published on this website and bring it with you when you are issued your start number.

You can find the disclaimer here.

Check-in/issuing of start numbers/Late registration

The check-in and issuing of start numbers will take place in the training centre next to the Bossard Arena, (General-Guisan-Strasse 4, 6300 Zug). Check-in will take place on Saturday, 4 May 2019 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and on Sunday, 5 May 2019 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. During that times you can also do the late registration on site. 

Information booths

Information booths will be located at the venue at the Arenaplatz and at the check-in in the check-in hall. 

Runner’s shirt

At check-in every runner will receive a T-shirt in the size they specified at registration. If the size does not fit, the T-shirt can be exchanged at a separate exchange table.

Pasta Party

A Pasta Party will take place at the venue at 6:00 pm on Saturday, 4 May. All persons accredited on 4 May 2019 will receive a voucher for the Pasta Party along with their race kit.

Dressing rooms

The dressing rooms for men and women are located in the sports centre next to the Arenaplatz.


A limited number of showers are available for men and women in the sports centre. 

Storage of runners bags

Runner bags can be stored in the sports centre during the run. Please do not store runner bags in the shower dressing rooms.

Valuables should not be left in the bag but be taken on the run.

The organiser is not liable for theft or loss of objects.

The sports centre is monitored by security personnel.


It is recommended that you only bring with you items that are absolutely necessary. A limited number of lockers are available in immediate proximity of the sports centre at a cost of CHF 2.00 per locker. The organiser assumes no liability for the lockers.


All runners are responsible for wearing clothing that is appropriate for the weather conditions. Especially in cold conditions or with potential sudden changes in weather, runners should wear clothing that protects them from cooling down too much – including when they finish/are eliminated from the race and are waiting for the shuttle bus.

In the event of hot/sunny weather conditions, the corresponding solar protection should be worn (head covering, sunglasses, sunscreen).


Wearing headphones and listening to music during the run is not permitted because runners risk not hearing the Catcher Car approach.

Start number

The start number must be worn on the chest during the entire race.

Start area

The start area is located on the General-Guisan-Strasse, immediately next to the venue.

The runners will go to the starting block that corresponds to their running speed.

Block 1

Marathon up to 3hr 00min

Half-marathon up to 1hr 30min

10 km run up to 40min

Wings for Life World Run over 30 km

Block 2

Marathon 3hr 00min to 4hr 00min

Half-marathon 1hr 30min to 2hr 00min

10 km run 40min to 50min

Wings for Life World Run over 20-30 km

Block 3

Marathon 4hr 00min to 5hr 00min

Half-marathon 2hr 00min to 2hr 30min

10 km run 50min to 65min

Wings for Life World Run 10-20 km 

Block 4

Marathon over 5hr 00min

Half-marathon over 2hr 30min

10 km run over 60 min

Wings for Life World Run 10 km

All runners without a personal best time


The start boxes will close 15 minutes prior to the start of the race. It is therefore recommended that runners meet there 60 to 45 minutes before the race starts. Each participant will go to his/her corresponding starting block based on his/her personal assessment.


All runners around the world will mass start the race at 1:00 pm Swiss time. All runners must cross the finish line in order to activate their time chip.


The following pacemakers will be participating in the run. They will be marked with a Suunto flag: 10 km, 15 km, 20 km and 30 km.


After the mass start, the first three kilometres will go through the middle of Zug’s city centre to the Zytturm Clocktower and then through Zug’s idyllic historic centre by the Lake. After three kilometres, the runners will pass the venue once again before tackling a 30-kilometre circuit through Steinhausen - Niederwil - Rumentikon and Cham. This circuit will be repeated until the Catcher Car has caught the last runner. The route is primarily flat with a few short moderate ascents.

Route description

All changes in direction will be marked with arrows. If there are no arrows visible, runners should keep going straight ahead. Barrier tape will be placed after changes in direction and at around every 200 metres. Runners are responsible for running the correct route.  
Each kilometre will be marked with a sign.

Route security

Due to its length, the route will not be completely blocked off. Runners should therefore always be on the lookout for traffic and comply with traffic regulations. Runners should always stay on the right side of the street. Sidewalks should be used when available and consideration shown to pedestrians.

Refreshment stations

Refreshment stations will be placed along the route about every 5 kilometres. Each station will offer water, PowerBar isotonic drinks, Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Cola, PowerBar energy bars, bananas and oranges. Especially at high temperatures it is important to drink plenty of liquids and use adequate solar protection (head covering, sunglasses, sunscreen).


Waste can be disposed of in the refreshment zone around the refreshment stations. Waste may not be disposed of outside of the refreshment zone and on the race route and must be carried along to the next refreshment station.

Catcher Car

The Catcher Car will give the runners a half an hour head start and will leave at 1:30 pm Swiss time.  If the Catcher Car passes you, you have finished the race, as the Catcher Car symbolises the finish line.

The Catcher Car’s speed was slightly modified for this year. It will now be starting out at the slower pace of 14 km/h and will increase its speed every 30 minutes by 1 km/h. Beginning at 3:30 pm, the pace will be increased by 4 km/h every 30 minutes. This will give the very slow runners some more time until the car catches up to them while at the same time allowing the fast runners to be overtaken sooner.

1:00 pm – Race START

1:30 pm – CATCHER CAR STARTS at a pace of 14 kph

2:00 pm – PACE INCREASE: to 15 kph

2:30 pm – PACE INCREASE: to 16 kph

3:00 pm – PACE INCREASE: to 17 kph

3:30 pm – PACE INCREASE: to 18 kph

4:00 pm – PACE INCREASE: to 22 kph

4:30 pm – PACE INCREASE: to 26 kph

5:00 pm – PACE INCREASE: to 30 kph

5:30 pm – PACE INCREASE: to 34 kph

Goal Calculator

You can use the Goal Calculator to figure out approximately how far you will get in the race. For example, you can see that you will have 1 hour and 12 minutes to run 10 kilometres.

Find out how far you’ll get in the race here.

What to do when the Catcher Car catches you?

The Catcher Car will be accompanied by bicyclists that will guide all runners to the RIGHT side of the street. Every runner who is caught by the Catcher Car will run on the far right edge of the route so that the Catcher Car can pass without obstacles. 

Transportation back to the venue

There will be shuttle bus stops along the route about every 2.5 km to transport eliminated runners back to the venue.

Eliminated runners will continue to run along the route and follow the “Shuttle Bus” signs to the next shuttle bus station. Please pay attention to the signage, the information provided by the race volunteers as well as the mobile speakers.

In certain sections the eliminated runners will walk back to the venue:

  • Elimination km                    What to do after being eliminated
    0 - 3                                        Continue walking to return to the venue
    3 - 6.5                                    Turn around and walk back to the venue
    6.5 - 10.3                              Continue walking to the next shuttle bus
    10.3 - 11.5                           Continue walking to return to the venue
    11.5 - 12.5                           Turn around and follow the route back to the venue
    from 12.5                              Continue walking to the next shuttle bus station

If you save the map in your browser on your smartphone you will be able to consult it during the race.
You can find a map with all the shuttle bus stations and running routes at the following link:

Refreshments at the finish line

You will be offered water in the shuttle buses and when leaving the bus.

Medical care

There will be a medical station in the sports centre near the dressing rooms.

Medical personnel will be driving along the route on motorcycles and in other vehicles.


The runner who is caught last by the Catcher Car will be the winner.


The ranking list will be published at

Participants will be ranked based on metres ran and not based on time.

Live transmission

MySports will be transmitting the Wings for Life World Run live on 5 May. You can also get constant updates on the event with the Watson live ticker, which will be activated here on 5 May.

The GPS tracking, current ranking lists and much more can be found on race day at

There will also be live reporting on the social media channels of the Wings for Life World Run: 

Award ceremony 

After the winner has arrived at the venue, the award ceremony will take place in the area of the LED Wall.

Winner prizes 

The male and female winners will receive a starting spot, including flight and hotel, in a location of their choice at the Wings for Life World Run 2020 and, of course, a winner’s trophy.


The Wings for Life World Run Switzerland would like to thank its partners and sponsors:

·       Renault

·       Glencore

·       Suunto

·       Salomon

·       PowerBar

·       Schweizer Paraplegiker Stiftung (Swiss Paraplegic Foundation)

·       City Garden Hotel Zug


You will be able to purchase cool gadgets relating to the Wings for Life World Run at the venue.


Onlookers, companions, families and returning runners can watch the rest of the race and the international TV transmission on the big screen at the venue.

Lost and found 

Lost property can be dropped off and picked up at the venue’s information booth. 

The perfect training with running.COACH

Do you want to reach a certain mileage this year? The online training schedule by running.COACH helps you find the best possible way to prepare for the Wings for Life World Run. Are you already registered for the run? Then click here in order to keep the Catcher Car at a distance and benefit from one month free at running.COACH!


Further Information will follow soon.


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13°C Average temp
73% Humidity
20% Chance of rain

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