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At the foot of the Alps through the idyllic hinterland of Munich

Welcome to Munich, at the foot of the Alps – a modern metropolis with great heart and long tradition. Hospitable, vibrant, busy and above all, charming. Located amidst the most beautiful Bavarian nature, it is surrounded by numerous lakes and an impressive mountain scenery. With a population of nearly 1.5 million Munich is not only Bavaria’s most populous city, it is also the city with the largest area in the whole state. Based on economic criteria Munich is even considered a major global metropolis. Its great number of tourist attractions, varied cultural offering and many international sporting events as well as the Oktoberfest, turn the Bavarian capital into a real hot spot for tourism.

The Wings for Life World Run starts in the northern part of the city – in the Olympiapark. Built for the Olympic Summer Games 1972, the site bundles a handful of famous buildings including the “Olympiastadion”, the “Olympiahalle” and the “Olympiaturm”. However, it is most famous for its unique tented roof construction. 

Average temperatures of 18°C provide ideal running conditions. In May, Munich has an average of 6.2 hours of sun per day and an average of 11.6 days of rain per month.

What is the Wings for Life World Run?

The Wings for Life World Run is a global running and wheelchair event, that starts worldwide at exactly the same time and only ends when the last runner is caught by the so called Catcher Car.

In 2019 the world once again runs for those who can’t. Runners in Germany will start in Munich’s Olympiapark. The starting signal goes off at exactly 1pm local time. Half an hour later, at 1.30pm local time, the Catcher Car will start chasing the runners: for those who get caught, the race is over.

Be part of it: You can join thousands of runners worldwide at the Wings for Life World Run – the first truly global run. Step up to the challenge, nominate your friends and challenge your family to run for those who can’t. The shared goal unites: 100% of all Wings for Life World Run entry fees go straight to the Wings for Life foundation. Wings for Life is a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation with a single mission – find a cure for spinal cord injury.


Online registration is open from now on and up until 2 May 2019 at 13:00. If at this time not all 12,000 places are assigned, additional runners can register on the day to take part spontaneously.

As soon as you are registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and your name will appear on our starting list. From then on, we will keep you informed about the Wings for Life Community via a newsletter and relevant event information.


  • Registration 03/10/2018 to 31/12/2018: 39 Euro
  • Registration 01/01/19 to 02/05/2019: 49 Euro
  • Late entries possible on race day, if there are still places available: 50 Euro


Everyone, absolutely everyone can participate in the Wings for Life World Run. You don‘t need any experience or previous knowledge. If you are at least 16 years old, you can join thousands of runners and wheelchair users worldwide and run with them for those who can’t. At the 2019 Wings for Life World Run in Munich, a maximum of 12,000 participants will be able to compete together.

Unfortunately it is not possible to refund your entry fee, in case you cannot start. 100% of all entry fees go straight into projects for spinal cord research. This way you contribute to finding a cure for spinal cord injury, even when you are not starting. Thanks to the Wings for Life World  Run App from now on you can start your personal Wings for Life World Run App Run wherever you are. The Wings for Life World Run App  simulates the Catcher Car, which will be chasing you and thousand other runners worldwide.

You see: There are plenty of excuses but not a single reason not to participate!


This year there will be a medal for every participant of the Wings for Life World Run. You will be able to pick it up after the run, upon your return to the Olympic Stadium.


There are three ways to take part in the Wings for Life World Run:

1.        As a runner in the run in Munich - that should be obvious by now.

2.        As a runner, wherever you want, with the Wings for Life World Run App.

Even if you can‘t start in Munich, via the app you are part of the global movement and you could be the national or global winner.

With the official app of the Wings for Life World Run (freely available for iOS and Android), runners can already train before the 5th of May. The Wings for Life World Run App is free of charge and simulates the Catcher Car that will try to catch up with you and thousands of runners worldwide on May 5, 2019. On May 5, the App Run costs € 20. This registration fee is paid directly to the Wings for Life Foundation and will thus benefit spinal cord research projects. That’s your contribution to make paraplegia curable. In addition, all App Runners will receive a digital starter bag. The content will be revealed in the near future.

More information is available HERE.

3.        As a volunteer in Munich:

In order to give the starting signal on May 5, more than 400 volunteers are needed in the Olympic Park. Therefore, the organizational team is still looking for motivated and cheerful volunteers who can support them again in different areas this year. Whether at the starting number desk, as track marshals or to provide refreshments for the participants, every single helper is needed and rewarded with many grateful smiles. Here you can apply as a volunteer!


On May 5, 2019 wheelchair users and runners will start side by side in one and the same race. Separate wheelchair races are history. From now on, all start together - exactly how it should be! Only rule: The wheelchair participants have to start in everyday wheelchairs.


The Team Run not only allows you to run together for the good cause, but it also enables you to challenge others. Running in different teams with or against friends, work colleagues and family, makes the Wings for Life World Run an exciting race event for running club chargers, company groups or friends, below the marathon or half marathon distance. Join a team, whether private or public. Each team can have as many members as it likes - there is no team size limit: the bigger, the better! Tell others about the team you've joined, or share the invitation for a private team with everyone you'd like to have by your side on the day.

Under the following link you can start a team or join a team. The only prerequisite is that you have already registered as a participant.

HERE is the Link to the Team Run.

You are also welcome to contact us at:

The Wings for Life project team will be happy to help you in person!

Participant limit

At the Wings for Life World Run 2019 in Munich a maximum of 12.000 participants can take part.


The worldwide official start time for all event locations is 11:00 UTC on May 5, 2019. (For example: London will start at 12:00 local time, Munich at 13:00 local time, Taiwan at 19:00 local time, and so on.)

All participants must move along the official Race Track marked by the organizer. A participant finishes the run if he / she is overtaken by a catcher car. The time measuring device is installed in the catcher car. It triggers the timing chip that is installed in the starting number as soon as he or she has been overtaken. The results are ranked by distance and NOT by time. For the return transport to the Olympic Park there are shuttle busses in regular intervals along the route. These will bring you back into the stadium.


Starting number/ bibs must not be changed and have to be worn on the chest, including the full size advertising print. The start number will be fixed with safety pins, which will be handed out at the starting number desk, located at the North Entrance of the Olympic Stadium area.

Each starting number contains a time measurement chip (transponder). The transponders on the back of the starting numbers must not be removed or damaged, otherwise registration or participation is not possible. Starting number and transponder do not have to be returned.
Starting numbers & Runnersbag are already available on May 5th for personal pick up only (also applies to friends and family members)

·      4th May: 1.00-7.00 pm

·      5th May: 8.30 – 11.00 am

Changing Rooms & BAGGAGE STorage

Next to the starting number desk are changing rooms for the participants (men / women are available). You also have the option to keep your luggage in the adjacent luggage storage.


Every starting number hides a transponder tag that records your running result to the nearest second and down to the millimetre, as soon as the catcher car overtakes you.


On the route, there are refreshment stations with mineral water, Red Bull Schorle, Red Bull Cola, bananas and sports nutrition. They start at kilometre 5 and can be found every 5km from then on.

In the same area where the starting number desk can be found, a Finish refreshment station will open from 13:30 onwards.

Getting to Olympiapark

The easiest way to reach Olympiapark is by subway U3 towards Moosach until Olympiazentrum (walking distance to Coubertinplatz: roughly 10 minutes). Alternatively you can take the tramline 20 or 21 until Olympiapark West, or take the city bus line 173 until Olympiazentrum.

For those travelling by car, it is best to use public parking at the “Parkharfe” (costs: 5,00 € / day). On Spiridon-Louis-Ring, located at the height of Olympiastadion Süd, is the shuttle bus drop off. From here it is a 5 min walk to Coubertinplatz (start and runner’s village).

Medical attendance

A medical team along with a team of paramedics will monitor the run and provide participants with medical care if necessary. They will be right behind the Catcher Car. Medical staff has the right to take participants who are injured or show signs of fatigue out of the race.

Vehicles on track

There will be several vehicles operating on track on race day. In front of the runners a leading car will signal the arrival of the leading running group. The fastest female and male runners will be accompanied by cyclists. The Catcher Car represents the finish line and will also be accompanied by cyclists, who will remind you to keep running on the right side of the track (Important! The Catcher Car has to overtake you on your left in order to track your time!) Please make way and let it pass. Following the Catcher Car will be more vehicles, including the medical service and the race control vehicle operated by the police.

Bicycle support

Individual support on a bicycle or the like is not permitted. Non-observance will result in disqualification of the accompanied runner. We kindly ask for your understanding, as this measure only ensures the proper implementation of the event and prevents potentially dangerous situations that might harm other participants.

Liability disclaimer

All participants who are under the age of 18 at the time of the event have received a liability disclaimer by e-mail in advance. We kindly ask you to show this disclaimer to your parents/ legal guardians. Please bring the filled-in and signed disclaimer with you to official registration/ bib number distribution.

You are only allowed to officially take part in the event with a completed and signed liability disclaimer (see terms of participation, section 1.2 – terms are to be accepted during registration).

Additional Information

You will receive further relevant information personally by e-mail.

Get the PDF right HERE.


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Overall Map

Wheelchair Detailed Info

Be prepared

12°C Average temp
70% Humidity
25% Chance of rain

Averages for Munich
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