Donate to Wings for Life

Everyone running on May 3 is running for those who can’t. For Wings for Life, a non-profit with a single mission: to find a cure for spinal cord injury. For the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children whose lives changed in a moment.

Every year, at least 250,000 people suffer a traumatic spinal cord injury, adding to millions of people who already live a life very different to the one they started with. Every single one of them has a dream: to be independent, to walk again, to have the use of their hands. 

The thing with spinal cord injury is that it could happen any of us at any time. A wrong step. An awkward fall. A car accident. 

You can donate on every runner’s page. How?


You can donate direct to Wings for Life through their website 

All of every single donation goes directly to spinal cord injury. The more money we make, the sooner those dreams can become reality.


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