Yes, you can! 10 hints to keep training motivation high

On May 6, 2018, thousands of caring, enthusiastic people all over the world will once again join together for the Wings for Life World Run. As part of the global movement, they all share the same goal – to raise money that will help scientists find a cure for spinal cord injury. Ultimately, that is what it’s all about: to “Run for those who can’t”! One hundred percent of the money raised for the Wings for Life foundation goes directly to spinal cord research.

And regardless of performance or ability level, everyone can participate. You set your own goals!

So back to that “weaker self”: Anyone who has ever taken on a training program, as an athlete or just to get in shape, can agree that there’s a lot of willpower involved; whether it’s stepping out the door for a run in wild weather or fitting in workouts around the demands of job and family. The excuses are real enough, but ultimately it’s often a lack of willpower (that so-called “weaker self”) which takes over and keeps us from sticking with our plan.

Willpower verses weaker self. Which is going to win? Sebastian Hallmann, a professional athlete and winner of the 2017 Wings for Life World Run in Germany, reveals his secrets on how to strengthen the weaker self.

“Being active is supposed to be fun and should be seen as treat to yourself,” says the German champion. And Hallman should know. He has been involved in sports ever since he was a small child, and throughout the years he faced many inner struggles, debating whether he should continue. But he continues to find the joy in sport and helps others to do the same.

What kept him going on his down days? Hallman advises:

  1. Just go out there and start! Don’t think too much, because when you do, you’ll eventually come up with excuses. Look at it as quality time, not as another obligation.
  2. Treat yourself after training and achieving goals.
  3. Aim for consistency – try to do your workout in a certain pattern so your body gets used to it.
  4. Set realistic and short-term goals.
  5. Write a training diary and plan how/when to meet your goals. By doing so, you’ll also create a contract with yourself, and you will most likely work harder in order to fulfill it.
  6. Tell your friends about your goal(s).
  7. Get yourself a workout buddy, and make arrangements to train together in advance.
  8. Use your lunch break at work for training (if there are showers!).
  9. Stay positive and always have a backup plan.
  10. And always remind yourself: “I don’t have to – I want to!”

Take part in the global movement and sign up for the Wings for Life World Run now. In 2018 there are three great ways to participate –in one of the event locations, choosing from hundreds of App Run locations, or setting your own course individually with the App. The choices are yours, not the excuses!

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