Seven essential steps to prepare for the ultimate race day


Get familiar with the unique Wings for Life World Run format and train with the App! Find out your optimum race pace with the Wings for Life World Run goal calculator, and track your performance history. And remember – enjoy your training! Need more training advice? Here are five top tips to kickstart training for Wings for Life World Run participants.


Hydration is so important – how often you drink, what you drink, and when you drink. Sip water only when your body tells you it needs hydrating – usually about every 15-20 minutes before you feel thirsty – and avoid gulping water as this could affect your electrolyte levels. If you think you’ll be running for less than an hour, just water should be fine, and aim to take on no more than 350ml every 15-20 minutes. But if you think you’ll be running for longer, try hydrating with an energy drink.

Eat Well

Don’t worry about what others are eating – stick to what you know and what sits well in your stomach. Eat your last big meal around 12 hours before racing, avoiding high-fibre foods. To top up your glycogen stores – your primary source of energy on race day – you can eat up to two hours before racing, but avoid fatty foods, instead opting for slow-release carbs like wholegrain toast, a bagel or porridge with a banana.


Aim for eight hours of sleep the night before race day – but don’t worry if you can’t manage this. Ultimately, the quality of sleep you get is more important than the number of hours. Check out these five easy tricks to improve your sleep and feel more energized, so you can wake up ready and refreshed for race day!

Gear Up!

For race day, dress for warmer conditions than the actual temperature, as your body will naturally heat up as you race. Just make sure you’ve got clothes for cool down at the finish! You’ll also need properly fitting kit, such as supportive shoes, and headgear for sun or cooler conditions – ultra runner Philipp Reiter has more advice and tips on how to pick the right gear for race day.

App Run Supplies

Running with the App on race day? Stock up on supplies, since there might not be hydration/refuelling stations on your personal run route! Clothing with bottle pockets are ideal for storing drinks and isotonic gels. App runners can also stay hands free with the official Wings for Life World Run arm band, available in the Wings for Life World Run online shop.


The weather can affect your performance, your race goals and the kit you wear! Be prepared for race day conditions with leading international weather service provider MORECAST for the most up-to-date information and forecasts.

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