Have you decided to run the Wings for Life World Run? This tips may help you to reach your goal!

1. Set your goal. As this is a race where we don't have a finish line, we must have an idea about the amount of km we would like to reach, our goal must to be realizable. If we are trained to run ten kilometers it is not the same as if we have been training for a marathon or half marathon. Keep this in mind as it will give you the pattern of rhythms you must to get during the race.

2. Define our race strategy: How are we going to run? Which will be the pace? Our race strategy should be commensurate to the goal we have set before starting. If we know the car is going to reach us in 1 hour 52 min we must come before that time and therefore our rates must be designed to achieve that mark, so we abstract from the rhythms of other people who are running, not set ourselves both in its rhythms as each has its own purpose.

3. Get your body ready at the starting time. In Valencia we will run at 13:00 pm. That's not probably the time of the day you choose regularly to run so if you are able, try to train at that time.

4. Stay Hydrated. In this race it is especially important to keep your body hydrated, at that time in Valencia will be probably very warm. The previous day try to drink more water to make sure you will be 100% hydrated the race day. Of course during the race is very important to care very much about the hydration and drink regularly to recover all lost fluids.

5. Breakfast. The week before try to change a little the food you eat, include more fruits and try to adapt to adapt yourself to the schedule of the race. The race day is important to finish the breakfast at the latest 3 hours before warming. This is something that I care much.This last week we can test to get used to this schedule and if we are going to take some kind of stick or gel before the race. If this is the first time you eat during the race, test them previously in other runs. 

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