After my experience in the Wings for Life World Run two years ago , where I really enjoyed, I can say this is a very different race,

I'd dare to say that this is the only race in the world where the final line depends just on you. I 'm now more experienced after having run on other Wings for Life World Run, so find below not 5 but 8 tips that may help you on the race day:

1. Make sure you are well ready for the race ; that is the best guarantee for having fun and reach your goal. As in any other race or challenge, the competition day will be just the consequences of what has been your work and sacrifice while training, the race day should be just a day to enjoy.

2. Check out the weather forecast for race day, it should be warm but May is a month that could hide  some surprises, depending on the weather conditions you must wear a specific clothing to deal with the elements.

3. Try to test the material before the race day , this tip is just to avoid discomfort or unexpected problems with your clothing. Don't use new material at the race day.

4. Try to eat food high on carbohydrates the day before, like pasta or rice. Never do experiments or try new things on the race day, it could affects badly to your running.

5. Set an ambitious but real distance as a goal. The motivation will play an important roll and it could make the difference during the race, but make sure you are able to keep a regular pace. Never go over your capacity. To set this goal you must analyze and test yourself, ask to a profesional coach for help if you need to set up an special plan for finding your pace. Using a heart rate monitor can be a great help here.

6. Warm up your muscles before the race, running one or two kilometers at a very low pace could help to stretch your muscles.

7. Although it could be difficult , do not let your pace be swayed by the initial euphoria, the ideal situation would be to run from a low to a faster pace according to your established plan. Control your pace all the time and try to keep it tight to the plan. Slow down your speed run if it is necessary.

8. Try to be well hydrated and eat something like energy bar or gel if needed while running. that will help you with your tiredness or fatigue.

And what is the most important thing, enjoy the race and have a good time, don't be obsessed with the results, if you have trained before, you will see that the day will go as expected, just enjoy the experience and have a good feeling because you are running for those who can't!

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