Chema Martinez overcomes his limits running for those who can't

The Spanish athlete has improved his record from last year's race having completed 59 km in 4 hours before being over-passed by the Catcher car 

There has been more than 100.000 participants running simultaneously in 35 locations at the biggest charity race in the world  

Aranjuez’s Palace has exceptionally witnessed the multitudinous starting line of Wings For Life World Run, a race where more than 1.600 runners have participated in Spain and more than 100.000 have participated at a global scale, becoming the biggest sports charity event in the planet.


Chema Martinez overcame his own record having reached 59 kilometers, 3 more kilometers than at last year’s race. Gonzalo Martinez and Eduardo Mora have finished in second and third place respectively.


“When you run and you give the best you can and you push your limits further it’s a wonderful sensation and today, everyone that have parted from Aranjuez has won because we have contributed so that people can keep on dreaming about getting better. Wings For Life World Run keeps growing and I hope that we are many more runners participating at next year's race”; has stated Chema.


The feared Catcher car, was driven in this occasion by the five times Dakar champion, Marc Coma, who has over-passed this year athletes like Carlos Sainz (father and son), Gisela Pulido, Adams Raga or Joan Barreda, sports men that have joined the cause to run for those who can’t and help the not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation.


Maricruz Parra also holds a great merit that was the female leader of the race from the 21st kilometer onwards until she was over-passed by Marc Coma at 31,8km.


She triumphed in the female category, but this year the race has counted with more female participation as ever, mainly by the push caused by famous figures such as Cristina Mitre, Clara Montoya, Marta Larralde, Kira Miró or Mariam Hernández. All these journalists and actresses have joined the race to run for those who can’t. 


Special mention to the paralympic athlete Gema Hassen-Bey, that didn’t want to miss the occasion having reached a distance of 17km.


The race has occurred simultaneously in 35 locations at a global scale. The ultimate winner for the second time has been Lemawork Ketema, and Ethiopian athlete that has competed at the Austrian’s race and that has won reaching a distance of 79, 9 kms.


But most importantly are the more than 100.000 participants at a global level, more than 100.000 winners that have joined a unique race where 100% of the entry fees goes to life-changing research projects aimed at healing the injured spinal cord.