The paralympic athlete is preparing her next challenge at Wings for Life World Run

The final countdown has started. Just seven days to go for the starting signal in which thousands of runners will run for those who can’t at Wings for Life World Run. One of the participants at the starting line in Aranjuez next Sunday May 3rd will be Gema Hassen-Bey, who didn’t want to miss the opportunity of supporting the cause and use the chance to prepare her next challenge, ascend the Kilimanjaro on a wheelchair.

The paralympic athlete, who has taken part in five consecutive Paralympic Games and winning four medals, will be one of the present athletes at the Spanish course, a real test for her next challenge. With “Cumbre Bey - Kilimanjaro Challenge” she wants to set up a milestone being the first women on a wheelchair reaching the Summit, with her on effort (no help), the Summit of Africa’s Roof, the Kilimanjaro, 5,895 metres high.

With her new sports challenge, which is also a social and environmental challenge, she aims to develop diverse technology focused on obtaining better life conditions for many people. This challenge has the same solidary nature than Wings For Life World Run, this is why Gema Hassen-Bay doesn’t want to miss the chance to take part of this unique competition in which the finish line chases you.

All the runners wanting to support Gema Hassen-Bay in her adventure and run next to her will have to hurry up and sign up before tomorrow April 28th in which the inscriptions for this unique race will close up. The 100% of the funds raised with the inscriptions will be destined to de la inscription to spinal cord research.

- Thursday 30th April: Hotel Barceló Torre Arias (Julián Camarillo, 19-21 - Madrid) de 16:00h a 21:00h.

- Friday 1st May: Hotel Barceló Torre Arias (Julián Camarillo,19-21 - Madrid) from 14:00h to 22:00h.

- Saturday 2nd May: Hotel Barceló Aranjuez (Plaza de la Unesco, 2 - Aranjuez) from 10:00h to 21:00h.

- Sunday 3rd May: Plaza de Parejas, s/n (junto al Palacio Real de Aranjuez) from 08:00h to 11:30h.

next to the starting line by the wardrobe. 

 ¡You are still on time to buy your racing bid the morning of the event!