Meet Diego Parrondo, #WorldRun ambassador

"Someone in a complicated situation can still do great things"

Diego Parrondo is "someone in a difficult situation" as he says, but still is able to do great things. An accident left him quadriplegic two years ago, but his determination and desire to succeed led him to train with the mind set in Tokyo, aiming to be the first quadriplegic athlete to represent Spain in the games.

We shared an afternoon with him, we talked about his story, his challenges, dreams and more his more immediate challenge in his sport facet: Wings for Life World Run.

A race where there will be 100,000 people watering the asphalt with sweat on 8 May. All doctorates in aerobic efforts. All devotees of controlled suffering. All collectors of dreams. All specialists overcoming the tripping of life and bad weather, smiling from ear to ear... Well, some more than others. We speak of those who will wear the number of Wings for Life World Run and undertake the adventure by rotating the axes of their wheelchair.


Diego won’t be the only one and certainly they will be those who more emotional connection will establish with an event (competition, sports festival, lesson of solidarity… name it) in which the main objective is to add tons of euros hoping that, once the Catcher car pass us, we will be a stride closer to the cure of spinal cord injuries. They will clench their teeth when the road looks at the sky, and will enjoy the wind in their faces when it looks down and they will pass ahead of dozens of fellow travelers.

The story of Diego and many others motivates enough to jump on the streets and start training and thinking about realizing our dreams, right? But let’s go step by step. The first one, for example, could be Valencia. We’ll meet you there.

Diego Parrondo has created his team for Wings for Life World Run, join and add kilometers with him for those who can’t.

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