The 5 tips from Leire Fernández for the #WorldRun

Well, I think I'm still young, so I haven't advice event for me (laughs) ... But hey, if it is to animate I will tell you that for running the Wings for Life you just need motivation. We will run together for all of those who can't. The Wings for Life World Run is on them! Why?

They deserve it,

Because I have many friends who are with me,

Because we'll have fun,

Because I enjoy to run in this environment,

On the other hand, once you are in the starting line with other runners, the adrenaline will take care of your job, you batteries will be fully charged, you put yourself into a running environment with other participants as motivated as you are.

Then, I'm not sure how to face this race because is me first time. In others I used to go as fast as possible, but here there is not a final line, it's the Catcher Car who will catch you and that's all. So (1) according to the km you want to run, you have to control your pace so you are not dying the first Km. Although this is not important, because the idea is to go out there to enjoy the run, to share a moment with people like you, come to this race with the idea of running for those who can't.

Given that the last race I ran at -14 °C in the mountains, I can not think of what to wear to this race. But, (2) I'm sure is better go with a light shirt that wont make you sweat a lot, because considering that the Wings for Life is in Valencia and we left around noon, the heat will heat us. So, light clothing. And, sure (3) as important as the material, will be good to knowing yourself, listening to your own body, because (4) you will need to keep you hydrated, always is better to drink some water before, during and after the race. Also, think about the the km you want to reach, because depending on that, (5) could be a good idea to bring with you a gel that you could activate at a certain time. Be careful with the gel, I would recommend if you can take it on any rise so the body is more relaxed; because when you are going down, your pace is faster and sometimes it could turns your stomach.

And, moreover, when you will be on the start line keep in mind the idea of ​​enjoying. If you're on my team, we will give our best in this race and will have a good time together. Good luck to everyone!

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