World’s Greatest Race meets “City of Running”

It had to be you. Just a matter of time. Two sister souls devoted to running were meant to gather on the road. They will met May 8th, but in the meanwhile Wings for Life World Run and the city of Valencia will show each other shares of appreciation. In words of those who love putting a number and speeding their heart rates, world’s biggest race meets “City of Running”, a town where running is a part of citizen DNA.

Valencia, which declares war to uphills, who invites to stratospheric paces in middle distance races and even steps when miles are counting. Valencia, with a never-ending summer, where you can run in shorts in January, the one where tights are about to beat local “fallera” suit. A paradise for those who dream in timer digits.

May anyone define a place so enthusiast of eroding soles in such a few lines? Definitely not, but we are athletes, so that’s our mission. So, in a gift box, find below three reasons (of the 100’s we will spread during the following weeks) that oblige anybody to stand up for us, runners at heart, anytime Valencia is mentioned:


1)    Holds the two best long distance races of the country (among 28th during the year). It’s not our call, but the one from Real Federación Española de Atletismo (goberning body of track&field in Spain), who awarded Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon as best organized races in each distance on 2015. The prize is awarded following a ranking that covers elite results, logistics, course and security. Valencia Half Marathon (word’s leading time second year in a row, thanks to Abraham Cheroben’s 59:10), made also the biggest score in the history of the awards.

2) Valencia hosts a wonder called Circuit 5K Jardí del Turia. A permanent course through central margin of old river course, meeting point for local Philippides. Trinidad Alonso Foundation, one of the biggest city sports patrons, invested 2 million euro on a great engineering work: land is stabilized with a mix that allows to drain rain water (bye puddles and hollows) and protects runner’s joints, path has marks each 100 meters, lights each 12 meters, 2.60 meter width… feeling anxious? Let’s visit Levante to get a run on it.

3) Valencia is a beach. One of the best in Spain if you love to dirt a little your running shoes with sand before getting a bath. Malvarrosa beach seashore is even and compact with first-class seasights. Loop gets 5km, but you can run up to 10 getting into La Patagonia beach in Alboraia town.

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