Meet 2017’s youngest national winner…

The Wings for Life World Run welcomes athletes of all abilities, sizes and ages to run for those who can’t. This year, we have been lucky enough to celebrate many achievements including one from a very talented teenager…


For 19-year-old Slovenian runner, Eva Zorman, she certainly didn’t expect to be crowned the national female winner in her native country. She was exhausted after bizarrely covering 29km the previous day in the Tek trojk – a three-member team run. Despite her tired legs, she went on to reach an impressive 40km before the Catcher Car caught her!


How did she keep the momentum going to actually win the Wings for Life World Run?


Well, Eva was astounded that she even won! “All I know is I passed quite a few girls and then all of a sudden there was no girl left in front of me, only boys.


“At around 35km, I had a small crisis and I wanted to stop and wait for the Catcher Car but the crowd cheered for me, saying I should not give up and I didn’t.”


Eva clearly has a future running having also finished second overall at the Istrian Half-Marathon last month in a time of 1:24.16 and winning the Mali Kraski half the preceding month. She is destined to go far!


Whatever you are doing Eva, keep it up! Maybe next year you will surprise us all again and beat Dominika Stelmach’s record of 68.21km.