Colin's Coaching Corner E5 - Please don't stop the music

To me working out with music is not a question of yes or no. It’s just a matter of what music. Putting some great tracks on has become such an integral part of my routine that I can’t imagine my life without it.

Why? It’s common knowledge that your mind can be as well-conditioned as your body. The right music instantly puts me into training mode. My mind and my body both know that play time has come around and there is work to be done.

My suggestion is: try it. But as with everything else don’t just hit the track with whatever pops up on your playlist.

Look for some upbeat music that will guide you through your session. Experiment with change of pace and beats. It’ll work wonders and suddenly that 60 minute run will suddenly feel like a very short workout session.

Here’s a little trick that I know works for a lot of people: If you know you’ll hit a wall at a certain point of your training – typically around three thirds of your total training time – make sure you have a power track that’ll help you bridge the gap. Sometimes it just takes a few seconds and your mind will re-focus on completing your work out. Don’t be ashamed of it. It happens to all of us! 

Please don’t stop the music!



Colin Jackson (48) is the International Sports Director of the Wings for Life World Run and two-time 110m hurdles world champion.