Colin's Coaching Corner E6 - Running together

Running together

What’s the only thing better than running? Running together. Now I can almost hear you say “Come on, Colin!” – but let me explain. Running in a group challenges us in many different ways but it also rewards us in return.

Let’s start with the obvious one: Running with someone else gives you one less reason to not step up and work out. There is someone waiting for you and you can’t let them down. That’s a powerful thought on a day when you’d rather stay in bed or try to talk yourself into staying inside after work. It always motivates me to think that I won’t be alone getting up early in the morning or putting in some extra stuff late at night.

"Come on Colin, I can hear you say"

Then there is pace. Even if running with someone else or in a group may be a little distracting at first, stick with it. Why? Although there's always someone pushing on the pace, and someone else trying to show the group down, when your group has found a common pace, you’ll feel like an unstoppable train and suddenly time and distance will fly. Don’t give up too early.

When it works out (and eventually it will), the feeling of pushing each other can be extremely beneficial. Don’t push too hard and put people off, but it can be really fun to play around with the others. A lot of people take running way to seriously. A run is a great time for a talk – and in fact, if you are still able to talk while running it’s a good sign that you are running at the right pace.

So get together I always say, because a shared experience is the best experience.


Colin Jackson (48) is the International Sports Director of the Wings for Life World Run and two-time 110m hurdles world champion.



Introducing the Ambassadors
Introducing the Ambassadors
Wings for Life
Wings for Life
Nothing could hold me back. I had been waiting for the Wings For Life World Run for several months and was ready to push my body to the limit.

Pauly Plewa, Niagara Falls, 2015

Remigio and I promised from the beginning to run together. The first 70km were super with Remigio next to me.

Lemawork Ketema, Global Champion 2014 and 2015

Thousands of people at that very moment are sharing the experience with you. The fatigue, the joy, the emotion afterwards. Everything. It was great.

Daniel Ricciardo, Race number 1 and Formula 1 driver

The fact that you were being chased by a Catcher Car with a celebrity in it was also VERY COOL.

Melina Magulas, Norway

To run, to do something for a better tomorrow and to run with people that I love. It is something special because it is not about winning the race...but winning in life itself.

Matej Markovič Slovenia