Team Spinal Track: 'Anything Is Possible'

Nathalie McGloin broke her neck in a car crash when she was 16, leaving her paralysed from the chest down. But like so many with spinal cord injury, she faced her changed life with inspiring courage: “Whilst I don't sit around waiting for a cure, I certainly live in hope of one”. 

“Last year I became the first female with spinal cord injury in the UK to be granted their race car licence.”

This year she became an active supporter of Wings for Life and “loves their attitude to finding a cure”, so on May 8, 2016, she will be a part of the Wings for Life World Run in Cambridge, UK, and she won’t be alone. She’s set up a Team Run.


Spinal Track is a Team Run for anyone who loves motorsport!” Her Team Run takes the name of the non-profit company Nathalie founded which teaches people with spinal injuries how to track drive.


Caption: Nathalie inspires others by racing a Cayman S in the Porsche Club Championship. Here she is with her boyfriend (and rival!) awaiting her very first race

“Spinal Track's motto is 'anything is possible', so come run with us!”, she says.

One member of her Team Run is Jan Harding: “I’m hugely inspired by Nathalie. She’s an amazing lady who proves that if you are determined enough and set your mind to something you can achieve anything.”


What inspired you to set up a Team Run, Nathalie?

The Wings for Life team in the UK told me about the run when I first met them, and I loved the concept! The idea of everyone across the globe running at the same time, competing against each other – but most importantly everyone fighting for the same cause – is very powerful.


I've just set up my own non-profit company, Spinal Track. It's a track day experience that teaches people who drive with hand controls how to take on a race track. With lots of people supporting our new project, I thought it’d be great to bring them all together for the Wings for Life World Run and hopefully generate more awareness and support both for Spinal Track and for Wings for Life.


Is everyone in your Team Run taking part in Cambridge, or do you have people in other parts of the world?

My dad lives in California, and he and my step mum are going to run in Santa Clarita. I don't think they'll like the 4am start time, but it's a cause close to their heart, so they'll be out there, ready and raring to go.


Do you have a Team Run goal or mission?

I think it'll be such a good event, we're just hoping to go there and have some fun. Distance wise, I'm not really experienced with long-distance pushing, so I don't know what I'm capable of! I think most people on the team are novice distance runners, too, so we don't have a distance target. We want to raise a lot of money, though, so we're pushing the Team Spinal Track fundraising on social media. If you haven't sponsored us, do it now!


Is there another Team Run you would like to beat?

Not yet, but I'm sure as the time draws nearer and more people enter, some challenges will be set! I'm very competitive, so we'll see if the 'running for fun' attitude is still existent come race day.


Join Nathalie's Team Spinal Track whether you're running in Cambridge, want to support her family in California, or anywhere you are in the world.