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Compete with the world in Kakheti

Enjoy beautiful landscapes and an unforgettable running experience

Kakheti is a region in Georgia that is known for producing wine from various grapes. Caucasian mountains, ancient castles, stunning churches, along with flourished grape vineyards covering the nurtured grounds of Kakheti, engulf the region. Kakhetis’ friendly, openhearted aura offers an unforgettable experience to its first time visitors as well as its acquainted individuals.     

Wings For Life World Run will start at 15.00 p.m. on the turning point to Lopota Lake on the Telavi-Kvareli highway. Runners will enjoy the spring weather, while running through the landscapes of Kakheti. 

The climate in Kakheti varies through out the year, ranging from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius.  The weather in the spring is mostly sunny and dry with an average of 17 degrees Celsius (62.6 F), which will be pleasant for the runners. 


Last date of registration is the 2rd May, 15:00 P.M. Local time;

Entry fee is 30 GEL;

BIB numbers

All participants will receive a bib number and an event kit. Registered, before the 17th of March will receive a bib with their name printed on it. You can get Bib numbers in Tbilisi or onsite, in Kakheti, on Race day, not late then 14:00.

With bib numbers participants will get vouchers of snack and water.

 Start numbers give away
Location: გალერია თბილისი • Galleria Tbilisi
▪3 May-11:00 - 21:00
▪4 May-10:00 - 14:00
Location: Kakheti , Lopota Valley
▪5 May- 10:00-14:00
‼To get your BIB number, please have your start number with.
In case one person in going to take BIB numbers of the whole company, please have the exact list of the participants and their start numbers.
You can see your start number here:

Company Run

Wings for Life World Run is the most lovable marathon among companies. Last year more than 200 company teams took part . We try to make registration  process easy!

please call us for help: 577 56 11 00

Team Run

Take part in Wings for Life World Run with your team! Tell your friends and family to run with you! Make a team here:


About 150km from Tbilisi, Lopota turning point  will be the host of Wings for Life World Run.

On site:

  • Parking,
  • Locker rooms
  • Media Zone
  • Information Zone
  • Medical Point
  • Entertaining  zone for youth and kids 


on track: 

  •  In every 5 km participants will meet refreshment zones with water, fizzy drinks and fruits.
  •   In need, participants will get medical treatment on the location and along the track.
  •    Please keep running on your right side as the Catcher car could pass you on the left side;


What to wear?

  • Comfortable running shoes and active-wear; 
  • Organizers advice you to have a cap and raincoat.


Participation Rules on site:

  • No participants younger than 18 are allowed;
  •  Participants with motorcycle or bicycle are not allowed;
  •  No pets allowed;     
  • Organizers are allowed to exclude drunk participants.


For information: 

Facebook event: Wings for Life World Run 2019- Georgia, Kakheti



Wheelchair Detailed Info

Be prepared

18°C Average temp
70% Humidity
10% Chance of rain

Averages for Kakheti
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