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Aron Anderson: Inspirational story

More than a hundred thousand different stories merged in only one goal. What makes people from all around the world to become one big family? What makes you feel there is always someone whose understanding goes deeper - read in these three stories!

Aron Andersson has an athletic track record longer than most of us will ever achieve and a will of steel to always take on new challenges. The road to get here wasn't easy - when Aron was only nine years old he lost the ability to walk.

When Aaron was eight years old he was diagnosed with cancer in the pelvis. Two years and several treatments and surgeries later the cancer was gone, but life had changed since he became partially paralyzed. At that moment he decided the wheelchair would never confine him, neither socially nor physically. Aron has participated in every Wings for Life World Run. This is his story.



Pay attention to the things that are surrounding you. Embrace the feelings that shape you and turn them into words. Put your feelings on the paper. When you feel like you're running out of words – RUN!

"Feel the rain on your face. Cold air in your lungs. See the light that is breaking through the clouds. Choose you own way and never stop exploring."

Naomi Penfield knows that the joy of running is a privilege. Not everyone is so lucky. But with recent breakthroughs in science, there is real hope that one day there will be a realistic and affordable treatment. That one day, spinal injuries won't mean that you'll never walk again.

“In order for that dream to become a reality, a lot of research has to be conducted. Let's make this count!”

At the same time Jacek Kostka ran his first Wings For Life World Run in Poland. The idea of competition was the thing he loved the most. By challenging yourself, everyone gets to be a winner.

“Last year when I was passing competitors in the wheelchair I saw my weakness. It was not easy to pass hills for me but I realized the effort that they put into this run is unimaginable. That is why I want to take part in the next Wings For Life World Run.”

Sign up and write your own story. Run for those who can't!

Introducing the Ambassadors
Introducing the Ambassadors
It's hard to find so many satisfied faces in one place anywhere else :)

Matjaz Klemencic, Slovenia

Running is so much easier when you know it's for such a good cause!

Kenny Belaey, Ieper, Belgium

Wow … Brought a tear to my eye and am very proud to of run this year and thank you for such a great experience …

Natalie Hilton, participant 2015

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