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Burzova's running triumph in Zadar: I couldn't believe it for so long!

Slovakian runner Martina Burzova has demonstrated in Zadar that it is never too late to start running. Although she has been a recreational runner for only four years now, her triumph at last year’s Wings for Life World Run in Croatia was quite impressive.

After the triumphant Katarina Lovrantova in 2016, Zadar has a Slovakian winner of its Wings for Life World Run again. Martina Burzova was the last woman that the Catcher Car caught up with, after a distance of 32.68km under extremely demanding running conditions.

“My feelings have been equally hard to describe after the win and now. I couldn’t believe it for so long. It was an incredible surge of joy, euphoria, and contentment,” the two-time runner in Bratislava admitted after her Wings for Life World Run Croatia debut.

Martina is another athlete who has been drawn to this race by the idea of running for those who can’t and the opportunity to get satisfaction out of helping others.

“Participating in the Zadar run was fantastic. Croatia is a beautiful country with friendly people and the atmosphere in the city just before the start of the race was one of the kind,” she said and thanked her training buddy Ľubomír Tvrdoň and two members of the bike escort team, Mirko Vukotić and Davor Brmež, who were with her during the race to give her encouragement and water.

The fact that she took up running only four years ago, after her daughter had turned two, makes Martina’s triumph even more impressive.

“I couldn’t afford to leave her for a couple of hours to go to the gym or ride a bike, so I would get up early, while everyone was still asleep, and run for half an hour. Half an hour gradually became one hour, and my running distance got longer. Running has been my source of strength in facing life’s problems and dealing with stress. It means a lot to me because when I run I am who I want to be,” the 2018 Zadar Wings for Life World Run female winner says. She has already picked her 2019 event location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“I’ve never travelled so far and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been training hard for the next Run and I believe that my friends and family would support me. Wings for Life World Run is a beautiful idea and I’m happy to be part of the project.”

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