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The Wings for Life World Run is a truly unique and global race for both runners and wheelchair participants. It starts on 6 May 2018 at exactly 1pm local time (11:00 UTC) and only ends when the last runner worldwide has been caught by the so-called Catcher Car.

Spread across around the globe, the world runs as one for all those who can’t.  30 minutes after the official race start, at 1:30pm, the Catcher Cars will start chasing the runners: for all those who get caught by the Catcher Car, the race is over.

Arriving to Start

The Starting zone for the Wings for Life World Run for the first time will be at Liburnska Obala, next to the Ferry port. All markups will be visible. After taking your BIB number please follow sings to enter your starting zone. 

Runners bag and start (BIB) number

Every runner will receive info about their start number via e-mail several days before the race. You can pick your Runners bag up on Saturday  May 5. from 10am to 8pm, and on Sunday  May 6. from 7am to 11am. In order to pick up your bag, you must know your start number. You will be asked to show your ID and hand in a signed Participant disclaimer.  

The bib number may not be altered and must be worn with the advertising print in full size across the chest. The bib number will be attached to your running gear with safety pins, which will be handed out to you at the bib number distribution area.

Every bib number includes a timing tag (transponder). The transponder is attached to the back of your bib number and may not be damaged or torn out. If damaged, neither registration nor participation will be possible. Bib number and transponder must not be returned.

We kindly ask you to take full advantage of this period of time to ensure timely placement in the starting blocks (access from 11:30am, closing time 12:30pm). Please calculate appropriate waiting times for the BIB handout and storing your belongings in the wardrobe, and allow time for the walking distance to the start line.


Start Zone

The participants of the Wings for Life World Run will be placed in starting blocks according to their respective personal marathon or half marathon best times. Faster runners will start at the front of the start zone, closest to the starting line. Those who do not have any previous race times will start from the positions at the back.The starting zone is marked on your starting number (1, 2, 3 or 4). Changing the staring zone is not the option. Every runner need to follow entrance signs for his starting zone. 


Info Desk

If you need any additional information, help, or you've found something that doesn't belong to you – please find us at the INFO desk. 



For runners in the Start zones 1, 2 and 3, there's a Wardrobe  1. For runners in the 4th Start zone, there will be a Wardrobe 2. You can leave your belongings there, but make sure they fit inside your Runners bag (you receive it with your start package).


Wings for Life World Run Shop

In need of some sweet memory from this big day? No worries, we have a Wings for Life World Run shop, where you can buy running equipment and accessories.

One team, one goal – together for the good cause

The team run not only enables everyone to run together for those who can’t, with it you can also challenge others to start their own teams and run with, or against friends, colleagues and family. Thus, the team run opens the Wings for Life World Run for clubs, corporate groups, or friends willing and able to participate in a race below the half marathon or marathon distance. Join any team you like, be it private, or public. Every team can have as many members as it likes – there’s no limit to the size of a team: the more the merrier! Spread the word about the team you joined or share the invitation to a private team with everyone you would like to have at your side. Through the following link you can either create your own team, or join another one. The only basic prerequisite is that you have already registered as a participant.

Join the Team Run HERE! 


Refreshment stations

Refreshment stations are located on the following distances: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, and every 5 kilometers.



Official start time for all locations worldwide is 11am UTC on 6 May 2018 (1pm local time in Zadar). (e.g. London will start at 12pm local time, Munich at 1pm local time, Taiwan at 7pm local time, etc.)

All participants must follow the official, closed off route, marked by the organizer (race track). As soon as a participant is overtaken by the Catcher Car, his or her race is over. The timing device inside the Catcher Car (the same that activates the timing tag inside the bib number, at the beginning of the race) will then register time and distance of the respective participant. All result are listed by distance, NOT time.

Catcher Car and the return to the Start

The moment you are caught by the Catcher car, the race is over for you, and your name will be listed on the global ranking. As soon as you're caught, make sure to stop running, because the road will soon be open for all the traffic. On the left side of the road, across Refreshment stations, you'll se BUS stations. Wait for the next bus, and it will take you back to the Start.



Once you return to the Start, come over in front of St Donatus' Church and watch LIVE the rest of the race.

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