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Here comes the Selfie Run

Today sees the launch of the all-new Wings for Life World Run Selfie Run, taking the Wings for Life World Run to all corners of the planet. Now runners of all levels – wherever they are – can plan the race of their dreams.


The Selfie Run, using the Wings for Life World Run app, available on iOS and Android, is perfect for those who want to set their own course, race at exactly the same time as everyone else worldwide and share the experience, right down to a virtual Catcher Car.


The 2014 Switzerland winner (and reigning Ironman World Champion), Daniela Ryf, loves the idea. Participants can sign up to run either at an official location or create a Selfie Run wherever they are.


Many runners who want to be a part of the global fundraising event can’t get to one of the official start locations, and others simply prefer to run somewhere different. That’s what the Selfie Run is all about.  

Ryf, a pro triathlete, a two-time Swiss Olympian and the 2015 women’s Ironman World Champion, explains, “The great thing is that you are still part of the vast range of runners in the global event. The announcers on the worldwide livestream report on the Selfie Runners, your social followers are with you and the virtual Catcher Car feels so real.

"I think being a Selfie Runner is going to be incredibly fun and satisfying for all runners out there because you’ll not only prove to yourself what you can do, but you’ll know the money you raise will make a difference. I’m really looking forward to it”.


Some Selfie Runners set a starting point close to home and use the Wings for Life World Run app – on iOS and Android – to train for the big day. Others join the Selfie Run to create a dream running adventure, like the 2015 participant who mapped out a course in the Arctic Circle and travelled there for race day. And in 2016, those competing in the Selfie Run can share the experience with supporters, encouraging them to donate to spinal cord research.


“Motivation is always a huge factor whether you’re training for competition or simply trying to get into shape, and that’s something the Selfie Run offers everyone”, says Colin Jackson, Sport Director of the Wings for Life World Run.

“What I love about the Selfie Run is you choose what motivates you. You can set your own goals. Run close to home or somewhere exotic, build a team or go solo, create a fun course or a challenging one – the options are pretty much limitless.”


Download the Wings for Life World Run app now and be a part of the Selfie Run. You can create a Selfie Team Run, too, joining together Selfie Runners around the globe in a Team Run of your own.


Download our brand new app now here

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