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Wear Your Badge With Pride

Show the world you care

If you ran in 2014 or 2015 or you’re a new Wings for Life World Runner in 2016, you can show the world you’re a part of something truly global.

On your runner’s profile, which you can see when you log in to the Wings for Life World Run website, you see your blue participant badge next to your main image – there’s a badge for every year you’ve been part of the global run. Who doesn’t love a collection, right!?

There are also badges – red ones – for anyone, whether they’re running or not, who has made an extra donation to Wings for Life’s mission of finding the cure for spinal cord injury. So if you’ve clicked ‘donate now’ and added vital funds towards spinal cord research, you have a red donor badge.

Fundraisers, too, have a badge, regardless of how much you raise, your efforts deserve recognition with a rather splendid ornate red badge.

Take a moment to check your runner’s profile. Have you got all the badges you’d expect to have?

You have more than one account!

Maybe you used a different email to sign up one year; maybe you logged in using Facebook or Twitter. It’s easy to fix. Don’t worry! We’ll get your badge collected sorted in no time.


Merge Your Accounts

You need to merge your web and runner accounts. It’s quick and easy.

·       Log in to the website here

·       Go to the starter list in the location you’ve registered in

·       Next to your name on the start list, you’ll see a red button

·       Click on your red button and we’ll send you a confirmation link to your email

·       Accept the account merge from your email

·       Job done! Time to check out your personalised runner’s profile and share it far and wide

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