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Gear up! How to pick out the right running gear for a perfect race

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If there’s one element that will help runners of all abilities have the race of their life and enhance their performance, it’s getting kitted out properly. We asked ski mountaineer and mountain runner Philipp Reiter for his running kit picks. A competitor on the international stage, Reiter covers huge distances on the most challenging terrains. Here are his top tips on choosing the right running gear to help you stride towards your best result on race day:

Start with good shoes

“Starting is simple; you just need shoes. For race day, I prefer shoes that I’ve done all my daily mileage in already. Don’t opt for the cheapest shoes - go to a running shoe expert and get properly fitted. Your feet will be thankful!”

Stay foot-focused

“Sweating too much in your shoes will lead to skin irritations, such as blisters. ‘Everyday socks’ are thin and loose, which can also lead to blisters. Special running socks have more cushioning that prevent rubbing, and socks that compress the feet are more stable and secure.”

Headgear for all weathers

“A hat for cold conditions or a cap for warm conditions is key. You lose 30% of your body warmth through your head. A hat prevents your body from cooling too much in cold weather. In warm conditions, a cap retains sweat, so you can benefit from the cooling effect and avoid sunstroke.” Get the right headgear from the Wings for Life World Run running collection here.

Right fit, right fabric!

“Loose clothing rubs and causes skin irritations. Fitted but comfortable is best, with fabric that wicks sweat from skin, so it doesn’t stay wet or chafe. I prefer a blend of stretch fabric together with natural materials like merino wool or bamboo.”

Friction is no fun!

“My top and cheapest tip for the ultimate piece of running kit is… tape! For men, bleeding nipples from a rubbing top is very painful, and a little tape isn’t a big investment. Vaseline under arms and between legs avoids soreness and irritation from chafing too.”

Safety First

“When night running, make yourself visible – wear bright colours, reflective clothing, and a flashlight on your back. Invest in a strong headlamp – the faster you move, the better your light has to be, as it’s got to shine far in front of you.”


“Rather than a handheld bottle or belts that bounce around, try a hydration pack instead. But check the amount of liquids regularly. As it’s on your back, you can lose track of fluid levels easily.”

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