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To raise money for spinal cord research, you can run alone or join one of over 150 Wings for Life World Run App or race tracks. Whatever you decide, you’ll race not just yourself and those around you – you’ll also go against the iconic Catcher Car, a real or virtual moving finish line that chases all participants until it passes the Global Champion and ends the race.

The App Run opens up a world of possibility, of exciting and random places to run, but the big question is where will you go?

Run in the sun

For a cool day at the beach, run New Jersey’s Longport or hop across the Atlantic to the UK’s beautiful Salcombe coast. Or for that true shoreline experience, head for the warm temperatures and golden sand of Australia’s Gold Coast App Run.

Or join Hannes Kinigadner’s App Run in Ibiza. The The Spanish island’s beaches and incredible sea views will give the event a real party feel, and you’ll with the man whose tragic 2003 accident and spinal cord injury led to the start of the Wings for Life foundation.

Lake life

Not everyone wants a beach run, though. In the USA alone, there are over 20 App Runs passing through iconic cities – Boston, Las Vegas and New York – and around lakes, like New York’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and Lake Clara Meer in Atlanta.

If you’re in Europe, you could go to Lake Prestvannet in Norway, famous as a spot to see the magical Northern Lights. Or travel to Fuschl or Zell am See in Austria, where they’re ready to put on an incredible mountain-meets-water show for hundreds of App Runners.

Sightseeing at a run

Sydney, Australia, runs by the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, while Bulgaria’s App Run takes you through Borisova Gradina, the oldest and largest park in Sofia. With its lakes, forest and beautifully tended beds, you might even forget the virtual Catcher Car is chasing you down.

Or for something completely different, get to Brisbane, Australia, to run past the closed shops of Westfield Garden City shopping mall and against the virtual Catcher Car at 9pm local time.

Running with wings

Add a physical representation of your commitment to raise funds for spinal cord research and your hope of a cure by taking on Slovakia’s wing-shaped App Run.

Only the imagination limits App Runs. Join an already established run or strike out alone, like the runner who ran solo in the Arctic Circle in 2015. By downloading the Wings for Life World Run App (iOS / Android), you can be part of the global movement, wherever you are, whether you’re close to home or making a running dream come true on May 6, 2018 in that one place you’ve always wanted to visit.

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