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Get in gear with the Wings for Life World Run collection

We know you’ve been training hard for the Wings for Life World Run on May 6th, so with just weeks to go, it’s time for a reward. Get kitted out with performance-focused running gear and essential accessories to help you push your limits and raise your game to the next level. Inspired by Wings for Life World Runners, but designed for all, the collection is ready to wear right now!

This year, the Wings for Life World Run collection includes an exclusive new accessory. On our webshop, alongside shorts, tops and headwear, you’ll find the special edition, state-of-the-art Gloryfy G9 Radical Helios sunglasses. What better way to keep your goals in sight?

100% of the proceeds from the new collection will go directly to spinal cord research, so every purchase from the store takes us another step closer to a cure for spinal cord injury.

Show your true colours and be part of our global movement on May 6th. Visit the Wings for Life World Run online store now to get kitted out and ready to run for those who can't. Because, whatever the forecast, whatever the temperature, whether it’s day or night, or rain or shine, there’s no such thing as bad weather if you have the right gear.

Check out the 2018 Wings for Life World Run collection:

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