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Biggest run in the world to make history on May 6

In four previous editions, Wings for Life World Run participants from 193 countries have already covered the equivalent of over five round-trips to the moon – and when race day blasts off again this May, the all-time registration count will surpass half a million. As the planet runs together to find a cure for spinal cord injury, who will be the 500,000th runner?

Ever since the first edition in 2014, there’s never been anything like the Wings for Life World Run, where runners and wheelchair participants across every continent all start together – at exactly the same moment – and are chased by a moving finish line called the Catcher Car. Welcoming participants of every ability, from beginners to ultra-runners, the event has boomed year by year, and as the global movement turns five on May 6, it will seem like the whole world is running for those who can’t.

The “Big Five”

In its first four editions, the Wings for Life World run amassed 441,021 registered athletes (more than the entire populations of Iceland, Greenland and Lichtenstein combined) from all but two countries globally, who covered 4,276,640 kilometers. Now it’s already a certainty that run number five will not only take all-time participation beyond the half million mark – with the 500,000th person to register being announced on race day – but also that total kilometers will surpass five million. Although it’s too soon to know exactly how much will be added to the 20.6 million euros raised by the previous events, what is sure is that, as always, every cent will go directly to spinal cord research.

Unique format

While charity is the main motivator, the unique format of the race also holds broad appeal.

  • The Wings for Life World Run pioneered the concept of people around the world starting at exactly the same time. That scope of participation is what’s made it the world’s biggest run.
  • The innovative Catcher Car ­starts “chasing” the runners 30 minutes after they start. When passed, their race is over. One man and one woman will be crowned Global Champions, but thanks to this moving finish line, everyone completes the race!
  • The Wings for Life World Run is also a pioneer in race participation with an App. Participants can choose a traditional racing experience at an event run, or they can download the Wings for Life World Run App and set their own dream course.
  • This year, for the first time, the Wings for Live World Run also includes hundreds of Organized App Runs. Put together by enthusiastic individuals around the globe, Organized App Runs bring people side by side while each races with the App.

Registration is still open! It’s not too late to be part of history when the Wings for Life World Run celebrates its “Big Five” edition on May 6, 2018. For registration, event updates and remarkable stories from the race to cure spinal cord injury:

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