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Former athletics world record holder Colin Jackson has officially declared registration open for the Wings for Life World Run 2019.

Jackson, the global sports director for the charitable event, which raises vital funds for spinal cord research, is calling on people around the world to sign up and run for those who can’t.

The sixth edition of the Wings for Life World Run again takes place on the first Sunday of May. Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe will start off at 11am UTC for what ex-110 meter world record holder Jackson calls “a truly global event”.

He said:

“And when I mean a global event, I really mean a global event. Last year, we were in 66 countries and over 200 locations, everyone getting involved with the same goal… to help us find a cure for spinal cord injury.

You can register and get involved in the 2019 Wings for Life World Run. So, sign up and, on May 5, join us.”

“In 2018, we had over 100,000 registered to run across the whole planet. What’s great is that people’s donations from their start fee to actual donations - 100% of it - goes to the Wings for Life foundation. So, 100% goes to spinal research and a cure for spinal cord injury.

In 2018, people lined up from Svalbard in northern Norway to Gisbourne in New Zealand, and in other cities such as Rio de Janeiro, London and New York City.

Again, there are three ways to take part: one of the 12 event runs around the globe, via the Wings for Life World Run App to run individually or else as part of a group run with friends and family via the App.”

Sign up today and be among those to help find a cure. Plus, check out the full video above to see Colin answering all your training questions.

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Fundraising Kit
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