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Have you come up with a New Year’s Resolution for 2019? Sports presenter Layla Anna-Lee has set greater consistency as her No1 goal this year.

Inspired by the athletes she interviews ranging from football Neymar to cage fighter Conor McGregor, the television presenter opted for that particular new-for-2019 shift.

She said: “In 2018, I spent a lot of time with elite athletes. I wanted to take my inspiration from them because clearly they’re incredible at what they do. I wanted to find something they all have in common like a tip or trick to do well in your sport, fitness, health or life in general.”

“There was one thing that stood out for me and that was consistency, no matter what sport it was, not matter what they did, they did everything with an unbelievable amount of consistency.”

Once again, the Anglo-Brazilian presenter will be on hand for this year’s Wings for Life World Run when it takes place at 11am UTC on May 5 although, for now, she does not know which country she will be in for the annual run.

Despite already being a globally recognised figure in front of the camera, Anna-Lee has set her sights on being more consistent in everything, and implores others to follow suit.

As she put it, “Be it doing your yoga every Monday at 9am, maybe even something that simple, if you give yourself consistency you give yourself a chance. If you’re going to be consistent, chances are you’ll be successful.”

Now in 2019, the Londoner and the Wings for Life World Run are appealing to the wider running community to come together globally by filming running across the camera.

It’s simple. “Film yourself on your phone in and out of frame,” she advised. “A nice landmark of your country. Come in and out of the frame running from left to right. Then we’ll collate them altogether for a run throughout the whole world.”

So, getting filming, share it on the Wings for Life World Run Instagram or Facebook pages and you too can inspire other runners across the globe to help finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

Remember, the key is all entry fees and money raised goes directly to vital spinal cord research projects. Plus, there’s still time to sign up for the 2019 Wings for Life World Run so why not do it today.

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