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Every year, according to the World Health Organization, 250,000 to half a million people globally suffer a spinal cord injury, substantially raising the number of people unable to walk again.

Besides this visible restriction people affected have to deal with numerous medical complications - like the loss of body functions or infections – determining their ever-day lives. “The wheelchair is the smallest problem after a spinal cord injury” says sports director wheelchair Marc Herremans “the list is endless”.

The not-for-profit Wings for Life Foundation has set themselves the No1 goal of helping to find a cure for spinal cord injury with its annual Wings for Life World Run, with all entry fees and donations going straight into ground-breaking research.

This year’s run – again open to participants of any standard and ability – will take place at 11am UTC on Sunday 5 May and here’s five ways you can make truly life-changing differences the world over.

Sign up

Run to help find a cure for those who can’t, and don’t be daunted if you’ve never done anything like this before. The Wings for Life World Run is perfect for participants of every level from elite athletes to the modest of joggers. You’re just a click away from taking part, so sign up and join a burgeoning global movement whether at one of the event locations or wherever you want with the Wings for Life World Run App [Android + IOS].

Dip into your pockets

Recent research, in part funded by the Wings for Life Foundation, has had ground-breaking results, enabling patients with serious spinal cord injury to do the unthinkable…walk again. More research means a greater chance of finding a cure for such injuries and that’s why every cent raised is so important. So why not start your fundraising campaign, a great fun way to get involved. Just get creative, be witty, be you, simply get your story out there to motivate people and remind them why their support is so crucial.

Spread the word

Nearly a billion kilometers were covered by the Wings for Life World Run community last year, the equivalent of two-and-half times around the globe. And that’s worth shouting about. So, tell friends, family, colleagues and classmates about both the event and the charitable cause, and remember that 100% of the funds raised go straight to spinal cord injury research.

Be a team player

What kind of athlete are you? Everyone’s different. Some prefer to train alone but getting a team together or else joining a team that’s already been formed can help push you to your Wings for Life World Run goal. Whether that’s to motivate you on those cold training days when your body would rather not or, crucially, on race day itself. At the end of it all, you – that can be employees against bosses, sports teams going head to head, or running for fun with your friends - can find out who topped the kilometers run and the distance travelled collectively. And the best part about it – you’ll run together with your team on May 5 no matter where you are at that time.

Get organized

Are you the type that likes to organize? Then put those skills to good use by setting up your very own Wings for Life World Run App Run enabling you to run wherever you want. Choose your track and make it stand out so that you can make May 5, 2019, a special day for you and your fellow entrants joining you for that great cause.

So, the choice is yours. Which ways will you contribute? The clock is ticking and you’ve got less than 90 days until the big day so get thinking, get creative and get involved.

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Fundraising Kit
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